A risky step…

If you have followed me online or on social media for even a bit, you are likely to be aware how big a fan I am of Kiran Nagarkar. In particular two books of his – Cuckold and God’s Little Soldier.

Over the years I have been disappointed that none of the publishing or literary events I attended ever had this favourite author of mine as a speaker. So, you can imagine how happy I was to discover that he is going to be at Times Litfest right here in Bangalore. I will attend the event tomorrow (Sunday, Feb 1). His session starts at 11 am (Come one, come all!)

But it is a risky step to take. Enjoying what someone writes or creates is no guarantee that you would like the person too. What if once I hear him in person, I end up not liking him? Won’t it spoil my enjoyment of his books too? It will, I think. And so, although excited, I am also a little scared. Probably it is better to just let the author be a mystery?

But I think fangirl is going to win this time. I will go there and listen to him. And I hope I like the author as much as I like his books! If not… too bad!

Edit (Feb 1, 2015): I am happy to report that the risk I took paid off. He is a very likeable person on stage. Down to earth, genuine, and with a sense of humour. I got my copies of Cuckold and God’s Little Soldier signed by him. :)