Writing Terms & Conditions

O Google Lawyers! I missed you guys today. Yes – I felt totally frustrated, when one simple word or phrase or sentence would go through a hundred scrutiny before getting approved for any documents related to my products. But today! Today when I sat down to write the Terms and Conditions for our yet-to-be-fully-launched website, I missed you very badly. Just how do you manage to have patience to sit through those kind of documents day after day, month after month, year after year? How do you manage to write so many different sentences, which to my naive mind, all seem to mean the same thing? How do you manage to write so many sentences, at the end of which I still feel that nothing has been said? And yet you used to do it for me. I thought I would miss the luxuries of life after leaving and good job. Gosh! I am missing the army of lawyers!

All right readers! I guess at the end of it what any T&C has to say is don’t sue us for silly (and sometimes not-so-silly) things. Indians don’t do that most of the time – thankfully 🙂


Bank Account

Finally we have a bank account. I ended up opening an account with HSBC bank. Of the folks who got in touch, they were the ones who were happy with the signatures of one director. Hence, we could avoid the travel Abhaya’s signatures had to make across the planet. And with minimum balance of 1 lac, the facilities were bound to be pretty good. I am yet to get the cheque book and all. But our relationship manager has assured that we’d get it sometime next week.

Something about my part time job

This is the time to write something about my part time job. I had made a passing reference to it in one of my earlier posts. Basically the idea was to do something to keep some cash flow coming in in the initial months. Given that we are not funded, we’d rather prefer that the capital of the company is not depleted on our expenses.

So, the company I am working with is in recruitment (in case you are wondering what am I doing in a recruitment firm, just wait for a while). They specialize in catering to start-ups, small and mid-size clients. Beyond normal recruitment, they also do contract staffing and would also manage the people and projects for the clients in their own premises, as required.

I am doing product management for some of the products they are managing for their clients. So, that explains my job 🙂

Now, of course you can do me a favour by helping the folks who are helping me pay my bills 🙂 If you are in a start-up or any other kind of company in IT domain and have recruitment needs (at any level of seniority – from freshers to executives), do contact me through comments. If you are looking to switch and are in IT domain, you know one of the contact points 🙂 And if you need some small projects managed, then also you know where to go!

Business Card

Got my first set of Business Cards printed today. It turned out that the screen printing does not work if you have multicolour images in your business card. So, digital printing it had to be. And the search started for cheap digital printing for business cards. First a call to Printo. They charge 1.5 Rs. per card for normal paper, if ordered in quantities above 50. For orders below 50 pieces, it is Rs. 2 per card. I went to a printer near my house hoping that it’d be cheaper. He quoted a price above Rs. 2 per card. So, gave up. I tried online and one website was giving an “introductory offer” of 500 business cards at 475 Rs. I was not sure I wanted to print those many, but decided to give it a try. Their image upload process failed miserably across browsers and I came back to real life of offline space. Before going to Printo, I also made a visit to Staples as I had to buy ink-cartridges and some stationary. They have a Print Centre, which also printed at 1.5 Rs. per card. So, got 120 cards printed there.

But I also noticed something interesting there. They were printing it the same way I would print at home. Create multiple copies on a standard size paper and then cut them in size. It was not unexpected, but they weren’t using any sophisticated machine for cutting. It was the same paper cutter that I have at home too!

So, unless somebody can point me to an option I have missed and there is a way to get them printed cheaper, I guess we are going to print Business Cards in-house from now on! I just need to get the right paper from the paper market.

Our logo is here

We got it designed by pdlogo.com. They have some good affordable packages and did a very good job for us with revisions. The package we had chosen included only three revisions, but they sent us a 4th revision on their own. We hadn’t even asked for it. And they were very approachable and fast with their responses. So – yeah. Yet another recommendation 🙂