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It has been a long time since this page was updated. I have put together the more static information about me on my website now. Please visit http://jayajha.com


72 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Jaya which batch in DPS did u study.I just wanted to know. U r totally free to answer or not. is DPS still all the same.
    Bareja,kaakar,chatti an all

  2. It’s been quite sometime even for me 🙂 I did my +2 in 1998-2000. Then they were all there. However, when I visited the place in 2004, Kakkar Ma’m as well as Chatti Ma’m had left.

  3. Dear Jaya ,

    Subhasish ,

    It sems you are junior to me in this beautiful world , I read one of your BLOG where you have posted some POEMs from DINKAR . but its not visible to me , due to HINDI fonts . How can I ?

    Ranjan R SInh

  4. nameste,just happen to read some of your blog writings,due to refference of my film in one of your coment box,
    “Anupam Says:
    April 10th, 2006 at 8:21 pm …”
    (PRAAN JAYE.. is my debut film,and i was only the director of the film,it was produced by Mahesh Manjrekar with three other people.
    i like some of your poems.

  5. nameste jaya,just happen to read some of your blog writings,due to refference of my film in one of your coment box,
    “Anupam Says:
    April 10th, 2006 at 8:21 pm …”
    (PRAAN JAYE.. is my debut film,and i was only the director of the film,it was produced by Mahesh Manjrekar with three other people.
    i like some of your poems.

  6. So, your hindi blogs features in the top ten.. not bad, but I wonder, why would you be creating an archive and spending so much time on it?

    Also, your web page on atgig is not complete.

    Finally, you appear really keen to add friends.

  7. Oyee kya hua Jaya ko? kitna class too likh rahi hai,abb din bhar yahi kaam kare ye too possible nahi hai na.Take rest donot write.Good people never get their dreams,instead they work whole life for it,b coz life is a journey not any particular destination.uiiiii maaa, main too john milton ho raha hoon!

    Take careeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  8. Jaya,

    I have skimmed through your collection of ghazals/ lyrics and your own poetry.

    Aisi pasand to sirf diljalon kee hi ho sakti hai. Meraa apnaa ek sher arz hai:

    dhoond lete hain har khushi ke lamhe mein,
    jinko aadat ho gham talaash karne kee.


  9. Jaya,

    It’s nice to see a Maithil Brahmin girl with such an intellect. If you allow, I’ll be happy to provide a link of ur blog with my website in coming days.

    Santosh Mishra

  10. Thanks for the appreciation Santosh. Given the nature of Internet, anyone is free to link to my blog. But that does not have to do anything with my being Maithil Brahmin or whatever – really!

  11. Hi Jaya,
    I hit your blog by googling “kaka”. I’m an Italian literary translator, currently working on a book by Anosh Irani that is full of hindi words. Since finding correct, updated meanings is not at all easy, may I keep you as an occasional *language consultant*? It shouldn’t be much work, really, the book is short and the characters (two Mumbai boys) only intermittently resort to local expressions…


  12. I dont know how I came to this page. Just browsing to find a good site to take an idea. Liked it. Will just say that you know so much then why are you so disturbed. Writing so much and thinking so much about all the sensible things and nonsense too. Till now you must have known what it exactly is. I believe you are on your way.
    The tendency to explain yourself to another people makes you unsure about yourself. Skip that. Keep writing your poems and articles. I dont think that I will ever come back on this page but for one reason. If you decide to change your job for any reasons, I will request you to inform on your blog.
    All the best.

    Take care.

  13. I didn’t read much about you before my last comment. IITK and IIML, lucrative but they are just stamps. The people who have stamp collection as their hobby value them and thats what is most popular in the world this time.( I too have some and I believe I wasted myself in college). One thing they shows for sure is hard work and I respect that from my top to bottom. No doubt you are a genius. I couldn’t prevent myself to go into more and more details. Will surely go through the poems next time.
    Right now there are miles to go before I sleep and will take your leave.

    Finally.. a very rare thing occured to me. Impressed. Not from the stamps and popularity and comments. But the zeal. It is amazing.

    Carry on. This attitude will take you to heights. Mine is a different one but let us meet there. 🙂

    Best regards,

  14. Jaya:
    I had a chance to read your excellent poetry… I am a retired Electrical Engineer .. settled in US. I will be grateful if you could write Bacchan’s MADHUBALA in your Web.
    Thanks.. Best Wishes… Suresh Kumar

  15. Hi Jaya
    Do you have any idea on the story of “Kaun Hara” Ghat where the world famous cattle festival sonepur mela takes place every year.

    i want to know,why the name “kaun hara” given to that Ghat

    if u know then kindly share.

    Thanks in adavance

  16. Hi:
    I am a Bangladeshi who can read English and enjoys Ghazals because of the sense it evokes. I have a very limited vocabulary of Urdu so I depend on make beliefe meaning of certain words to construct the essence of the Ghazals. Which is fine but, it is not right to continue this fallacy.

    I wanted to share the pain that us worker bees go through about things that comes naturally to you all. The way, I have used this site, since I have found it yesterday, to find the meaning of a Ghazal by Mehdi Hasana (Jo Thake Thake Se ), is noted below:

    1. Write down the Ghazal in English while listening to it, with my wife on my back wanting to use the net..
    2. Place the text next to the Hindi Script of this site
    3. Take the word list at the bottom of the script that has meaning written next to it.
    4. Observe the pattern of each word and search the text for the pattern.
    5. Once found, get the meaning and put it next to the English transliteration…

    Thanks to you, now I have a less confused understanding of the Ghazal.. But with all humbleness can I request an English Transliteration accompanying the text… Would do us a world of good…

    In any case thanks a heap for your effort…


  17. Hi Jaya gr8 to know that being from such a small town u ve achieved a lot in terms of education…anyway i m anil n i m alos from jogbani…even i m an mba…did it from IMI delhi…working in a KPO in gurgaon…

    once again congratulation

  18. So finally I came back on this page to go through your poems too. The first one I read was good. I left a comment there too.

    As a critic, I will suggest you to keep your titles more closer to your theme. Give it time as you give time to write the full poem.

    I too would like to share some if I come to have some leisure time. Will be going back to India in Jan. Perhaps that time.

    Anyways, it was nice to see your work. And again, can’t help getting impressed. What is missing? Dont know .. will give you my thoughts some other day. But you yourself are the one to find out. You will, I believe.

  19. Jaya,

    Just one strange combo I found which is CSE @ IITK and Marketing and Strategy from IIML. Well I don’t know much about later but would love to see if you post any blog on CS&E, I mean core comp science topics.

    I am not sure whether you’ve heard of it or not but recently I came across this online translation tool http://www.indianchoice.com/hindi/hindi.html. Personally I found it quite useful. Considering the fact that my experience with this tool is limited to little under 15 minutes I am unable to provide any detailed review here.

    While I was reading your blog, I just had this feeling that something is missing. At this moment I am not having the exact word / phrase / sentence of what is missing but somehow the post seems to be close to being complete (but not complete).

    How I came across this, Well I had a look at your profile on orkut and as it happens “A Journey of Thousand Site starts with a Single Click”. In the process I lost the way, but I reached here.

    Have a good New Year Eve Celebration and a Fantastic and Successful New Year 2007.

    Cheers 🙂
    – Samir

  20. “The bullshit self o’ mine…”

    Bliss I hunt for; contentment I question a lot,
    Answers to them, I crave to find,
    My mind calls a halt, when, locates no wisdom to retort,
    The whole just in vain; amid, no answer, of even the inexact kind

    Running aimlessly, got me tired,
    I’m conqueror of the entire nothing,
    Life, it seems, shall soon have me fired…
    I yearn for, I crave not to moan yet sing…
    Please! Exhilaration and glee I could carry, if someone can wring.

    My past shall my future find in it,
    The present invites no question though;
    Life crawls by pieces and bit,
    It creeps, struggles, moves at a snail’s pace, gathers humiliation, too fast but too slow.

    I ask to you, yes YOU, the all-powerful,
    What did you give for, if it was to take away??
    Left with so many, but not her, not the she, for whom do I drool??
    Whom do I talk nonsense and bullshit to, there isn’t she to say.

    Even after you, I’ve spent moments with you,
    Have had felt you, touched you, kept my promise, took you on a date;
    Can’t stand, so I abhor, being disgusted for this to do,
    Negotiating & finding the middle ground; in me, compromising is what I hate.
    Besides me, whom do I escalate my inside to??

    Being misunderstood, a gift from you time after time I’ve received,
    Is not like it gives the impression of, mirror must have grown hair grey in sun,
    The unforgiving all, it’s a pale world, memories else are going pallid,
    Shattered are my days and damaged nights; unlike the necklace I wish, still if you’ve kept o’’ mine.

    Faded rises the sun, still turning dim when goes down,
    Screams my soulful eyes, me is the evidence, shines bright the moon beam,
    Some trust I had asked for, had you have it shown,
    Insomniac nights I now spend, wakeful darkness, yet so full of dreams

    Isolation and no company surround me,
    I the visitor, I my guest,
    Many o’ my virtual pals, but there is no she,
    I find out to find, I is the host.

    Tight I try, hold the time,
    You’ll linger in me, with me; forever and a day, you, I’ll adore,
    The times of joy and ecstasy go lost; it’s no fiction, time has ever been sublime.
    Empty handed, I’m hit upon and yet again, bliss I hunt for… her kiss I hunt for…

  21. pranam,
    ki kahoo kete kahoo,prayojan matra atbe ki maithil aa mithila samajak swpn akar nari ke shikcha aa samajik dharna me parivartan smaye ke maang

  22. Hi Jaya,

    I’m from IIML. I keep coming back to your blog but for some reason I’m unable to add your blog feed to Liferea RSS client. The feed opens fine in browser.

    I suspected the UTF-8 encoding to be an issue but other multi-lingual feeds open fine.


  23. Hi Jaya …

    I went to your blogger blog today and got a message that it was by invitation only.

    Am I banned ?

    ~esirah … known in other parts of the world as “Brian”

  24. hello
    i just happen to be a guy from madhubani and read about santosh’s blog in the sunday times and while searhing for it got this page…. thought i could to with some acquaintances in the blogging world… btw, nice blog u hav got there… keep it up

  25. dear jaya
    landed on ur page while searching for a poem; was amazed to find the full text of kanupriya….my favourite. I am looking for a hindi poem about krishna and sudama, i only remember the first line (sees paga na jhaga tan pe aur pao upanah ki nahi sama) . Would be grateful for ur help. I also happen to be an IITK (1980) and IIMA(1982)graduate. Currently working for the GOI in kolkata. Ur blogs on IITK’s walls made interesting reading!In our times there were no walls!! God bless you.
    B B Agrawal

    1. Sees Pagaa Na Jhagaa Tan me Prabhu,
      Jaane ki Aaahi base Kehi Grama,
      Dhoti Fati si Lati Dupati,
      Aru Paanw Upaanah Ki nhi Samaa

      A Poem written/ composed by Narottam Dass, a famous poet in Hindi Literature.

  26. Hi, while hunting the net I came across your blog….your write ups are very intresting…poems are nice too…and gud feedback by frds as well…will drop in back soon.

    Catch you soon.

  27. Since you are looking for the poem about Krishna and Sudama…..Here you are:
    Sees paga na jhaga tan me, prabhu jane ko ahi base kehi grama.
    Shoti fati se lati dupati, aru payn upanah ki nahi sama.
    Dwar khade dwij durbal ekk, rahyo chaki so vasudha abhirama.
    Puchhat deen dayal ko dhaam, batawat apano naam Sudama.

  28. Hi J,

    Why couldn’t I find my valuable comments at places where I left them? Deleted so that new one can replace them?? I hope so..:(

    Anyways, it has been a time since I have come on this page. Little update means more work. 🙂

    What else? Many new things on this side but they are not here to discuss.

    I enjoyed reading Madhushala excerpts today. Taking off today as I don’t have any mood to work just few replies to be sent.

    Life’s going on. Hope you are alive too… 🙂


  29. Hi Jaya,
    its ur class mate form dps ranchi ma’am , good to see ur poems on web , and congratulation for ur achievements …

  30. i did my mtech in 1992 under dr m sachidanand (microwaves).looking for my guide and also for APPU.
    Are they still there?
    convey my regards and my email address too.THANKS

  31. Lagbhag har kauna sa cover ho gaya hai..Ghazala with with meanings..HIndi Peotry..SHri Tulsidas vyakhyan..
    Sach main..Lag nahin ki koi itna versatile ho sakta hai..itni choti si umra main..
    I really loved your spirit and the topics u introducec ..I often see the blogs with boundaries..
    One more mail of mine will be appearing shortly ; probabaly to express wht impressed me in your various blogs..Nthng to worry..I wnt say anything about the ?? u put as the picture in ur orkut profile:

  32. Read your poems in Hindi.
    Just remembered Gulzar:

    “Azab hai dard aur taskeen (peace/happiness)ka sanjha rishta
    Milegi chhanv to kahin dhoop hi mein milegi”

  33. Hi Jaya,

    Could you let me know what tool do you use to publish in devanagri? Look forward to your reply.

    Santosh (sdawara at gmail dot com)

  34. जया जी,
    आपकी कविताओं तक अचानक ही पहुँचा और कविताएँ पढ़कर दंग हो गया। आप इतनी अच्छी कविताएँ लिखती हैं। क्या आपकी कविताएँ हम हिन्दी कविता की अपनी वेबसाईट पर प्रकाशित कर सकते हैं। यदि आप सहमत हों तो कॄपया हमें लिखें।
    अनिल जनविजय

  35. जया जी, मैंने अभी देखा कि आप कहानियाँ भी लिखती हैं। गौतम बुद्ध तो अच्छी कहानी है। रंगमहल भी। हम इन्हें भी गद्यकोश में शामिल करना चाहेंगे।

  36. Hi Jaya,

    Its Daulat from iSpan (HR Ser. Firm) having our off. both at Blr. & Hyd. locations working with either Product Development Co.’s & BPM space Co.’s having their HQ’s at U.S. http://www.ispanonline.com
    & thru’ checking some Blogs I happened to learn that you are working with Shikha Advisory Ser. & prior to that with GOOGLE, India, call back on 099519 31285 for me to share a suitable oppurtunity suiting to your profile

  37. I would like you to read few of my posts.. and your thoughts on them… may be I am asking bit more as we dont know each other…
    but still.. hope you will enjoy..


  38. Hi Nisheeth,

    I’d been looking for this poem for a very long time. Request you to please mail me the whole of it, if it is not inconvenient or please tell me where I can find it. I believe the poet is Dinkar.

    “Sees paga na jhaga tan me, prabhu jane ko ahi base kehi grama. Shoti fati se lati dupati, aru payn upanah ki nahi sama.
    Dwar khade dwij durbal ekk, rahyo chaki so vasudha abhirama.
    Puchhat deen dayal ko dhaam, batawat apano naam Sudama.”


  39. Hi Jaya,

    How did you get introduced to gazals? and how is your company doing?
    I currently work for Motorola, but have about 20 years of experience in various aspects of IT.

  40. Hi Jaya,

    How did you get introduced to gazals? and how is your company doing?
    I currently work for Motorola, but have about 20 years of experience in various aspects of IT.
    If you wish, reply on my email, I dont think I will be revisitng this blog, just happened to stumble on it by chance.

  41. Hi Jaya,

    How did you get introduced to gazals? and how is your company doing?
    I currently work for Motorola, but have about 20 years of experience in various aspects of IT.
    If you wish, reply on my email, I dont think I will be revisitng this blog, just happened to stumble on it by chance.

  42. Hi
    jaya how are you

    Really i am poroud of you, all kudos

    keep it up


  43. Hello Jaya,

    I am also writing blog on Maithil brahman and their rituals. Can I link it to my blog in future?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    Best Regards,
    Parveen Jha

  44. jayajee,
    bahut tarif kee hai logon ne aur aap drirta se kharee hain. tarifon kee aandhi me aap bahee nahi, yah kabile tarf baat hai. aapse bahut kuch log sikhengen.

  45. I am currently focusing on manoj (27 years) belonging to Dhamdaha (middle village in district Purnia. Writer Phanishar Nath Renu also belonged to Purnia district. There are many maithily sites. Bihari intellectuals are numerous. I found a reference to Phanishar Nath Renu in your blog. You proudly said that belong to Purnia. I want to know what are your plans for maila anchal and parati. How can you form an opinion among intellectuals to focus on rural development.

    Ram Prasad

  46. Hi,

    I do not exactly know whether I am writing for the same Jaya ( Bhramarpur) or not but from your qualification I am sure , kindly ignore if your identity is different. If you are from Bhramarpur and your father is in bank please let the world know about your great grand father also , he was a great man particularly his nirwan , do you know how your great grand mother prepared tea for the first time if yes , must write it in your blog , pl ignore if you do’t want.

  47. was searching for जीवन की आपाधापी में by Harivansh Rai Bachchan and got from your blog. Thanks for posting it

  48. Hi,

    I have first noticed you in way behind 1997 when I was in class 8th .When I went through your award winning poem collection ” YAADEI ” in Bhramerpur ( where I stayed from 1991 to 1999 ).Eventhough I am not great lover of literature but your way of thinking through ur poems has impressed me ( oh ! this girl has so much understanding of socity at that age ). I like the poem ” Bhrahmin ki ladki ” ( I can’t recall the exact heading ) in that book.Then after I got atleast one compititor ( please don’t mind I have not reached at educational level that u have )and start following u till u cracked the CAT.
    I found ur blogs through search engine last year when I was in Bangalore ( sorry Bangaluru now a days )and I found it very learning.Now a days I reading ur old blogs from thoughts and technology sections, I have some comment too but I am keeping it with myself because it will irritate u to get lot of coments from ur old blogs.As I am engineering graduate I found myself better comenter ( innovator ) than the blogger ( inventor ).It is nice to have relative like u.

    Belated Happy Sarashwati Puja!!!!!!!!!

  49. This post is connected to Jaya’s reply to Santosh Mishra’s muse at a Maithili Brahmin girl’s intellect. That makes me share my thoughts on the evolution process which in a way will connect to Santosh Mishra’s point. Evolution is a two step process: (1) one inherits from one’s creators (2) and then adds on to the genes through the course of life dictated by the path of life and career, to be passed on to the next generation to take it forward from there. This is how mankind has reached wherever it has today. The original Indian caste system was built upon the different professions people carried out all of which were important in their varied contributions and responsibility towards the society, though it might have taken various hues and colours, probably undesirable – leading to blind communalism, in course of time due to the varied thought-process and understanding of it by the people in the society. Brahmins happened to have the responsibility of being the proponents of education, the ones who had to strain their intellect the most in assimilating the knowledge of the universe that existed and possibly add on to it for future. This means that, in a world that is neither black nor white – no pun intended – ;-), this simply gave a higher probability to a new Brahmin genes by birth, of having a higher intellect-quotient than the others. This is definitely not to say that other genes would *never* have it, or *all* brahmin genes would have it, but just a higher probability, since we all know by examples in our society and history the exceptions! In fact, with the various castes no more adhering to their original professions in this fast changing world, it may only be a matter of time before these genetic differences iron out with even the caste system vanishing sometime. So, as much as Jaya may not be thinking about caste and race, science may still connect this to her being a Maithili Brahmin girl after all….

    To supplement my thoughts, there is a British scientist who has spent a good part of his life on IQ study, with a measurement of this for various communities across the world (I am unable to pick the link right now, but if someone wants I can search it out and post it here). This rates Israeli’s as a community with the highest average IQ, 120, and alongside, Brahmins with the same.

    Disclaimer: I am neither a scientist nor a historian to be in anyway well-researched to have said whatever I have. The above was purely the thoughts of a philosopher who works as an engineer for livelihood and nothing more.

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