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Dear Interns,

While you curse under your breath (and openly once out of the office) about how your bosses keep bugging you about insignificant, little things to be fixed, trust me, it would do you a lot of good to know these about real-life.

  1. You will need to read other people’s code. Good, bad, ugly, garbage – whatever it is!
  2. You will need to change, fix and build further on that good, bad, ugly, garbage – whatever it is!
  3. You will need to use other people’s code without changing it. APIs, hooks, extensions are things you need to get used to.
  4. There will be many a slip, ‘twixt the cup and the lip. After you have coded that nifty feature, you will need to spend twice the time fixing every small, little, annoyingly simple bug in your own code, before it can be deployed. And if it depends on, or breaks something else. Well…
  5. You will be asked to change labels in the UI because (idiot, stupid, simpleton) customers won’t understand that such-an-obvious-description of what lies there .
  6. Something working on your machine and browser will never be enough.
  7. A ‘small’ careless oversight will not just be a few marks less or a lower grade, which you can make up for in another assignment or course. At best, it will be a broken product, embarrassing feedback from customers, and low morale because of feeling foolish. At worst, it will be an entire product not working, data lost, customers running away, real money gone, and embarrassed, mad colleagues.

Your super-annoying product manager!

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