Matru ki Bijli ka Mandola

Update: More than one person is confused about what was the conclusion of this post. Did I like the movie or not? Do I recommend it or not? 🙂

The answer is – yes. I did like the movie. It was entertaining on the whole and definitely worth a watch.

A post on a movie after a long time! Well – because this year I have decided to cook less and write more 😀

Like good, old days, no full-fledged review, just a few things that come to my mind.

  1. Watch Anushka Sharma in the movie and you would think that misogyny, honour killing, khap panchayats, noodle arguments and chlid-marriage advocacy are some other-worldly news. Oh yes – The Haryanvi villagers are totally cool with a scantily dressed, hot woman coming out drenched from the village pond with a tattoo on the lower back (visible through her half-baniyan!!) that says “Dekho Magar Pyaar Se” and with other less outrageous than that situations.
  2. While I could keep that thought away, the movie was entertaining and hard-hitting in-turns.
  3. Like many have already said, Pankaj Kapoor is the back-bone of the movie apart from the director.
  4. I know Shabana Azmi is a great actress. But somehow, her mirroring Pankaj Kapoor’s theatrics didn’t work for me.
  5. Imran Khan‘s Haryanvi was surprisingly well done. It is his Hindi that still sounds other-worldly. Why the hell is it so artificial and accented?
  6. Anushka Sharma was limited by the character. It didn’t look like any time was spent in fleshing out that character at all. Sometimes I thought it wasn’t just her father who a split personality disorder, she had it too. But it turned out that it is just a carelessly written character.
  7. We realized that many in the audience didn’t get the joke (I don’t remember the exact sentence, but it effectively said this) – “Tu left  waala le le, Tu Mao se.” Sad!

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