In Defense of “Ishq Waala Love”

I know I am entering a war, whose result is already decided against what I am trying to defend, especially after the parody. But hey! I still want my opinion recorded for posterity ๐Ÿ˜›

I am late because, honestly, I didn’t even listen to entire song before the parody. But I hadn’t found the “Ishq Waala Love” phrase to be meaningless even earlier. I know some of you are raising your eyebrows and humming the parody “Lyrics ke badle translation, Hai ye saala kisne daala. Murkh waala Fool…” But let me explain.

The song starts with something even more meaningless – “Surkh waala, soz waala, Faiz waala love…” What is happening here is that a youngster is trying to express a sincere love, the kind that is for a lifetime, that involves infinite loyalty and commitment. But that’s not a concept his peer groups accept as realistic. Make-ups and break-ups keep happening in their world. Probably it is too early for them to even think about a lifetime. Still they refer to their feelings as “love”. Just saying “love” does not differentiate his feelings from what he sees as the superficial feelings of his peers. He identifies his feelings with those that people of yesteryear expressed in songs and ghazals. He isn’t well-versed with the language to express himself in those words. Plus they won’t make sense to his peers either. So, he picks up some common words from the poetry that seems to express his kind of love and uses those keywords to tell people that his love is the kind that those songs, poems and ghazals expressed. Hence the random placement of “Surkh”, “Soz”, “Faiz” and “Ishq”. When he says “Ishq” waala “love”, he intends to talk about the love that got expressed with word “Ishq” – a word used by people who would give their lives for one love.

I won’t praise this youngster for his intellect, but I definitely find the expression very cute. Lyrics is deliberately awkward and immature. So, lyricist was neither “murkh”, nor “Fool” in my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚ Although given the public reaction, this experiment seems to have gone bad!

You may still not agree to give “Ishq waala love” a serious thought. But that’s fine. Each to his own.

I still love the parody ๐Ÿ˜€ Watch it after watching the original song and it becomes even more enjoyable.

Original Song


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