Cluelessness + Overconfidence

Quoting from my previous post (Read the post for the background to this one).

What made me uncomfortable was how clueless many of these people were about the concerns of women and yet how confident of knowing-it-all.

A comment by Mayank Mandava on the same discussion hit the nail on head. Reproducing with permission.

Guys, seriously, stop telling women how to deal with women’s issues better. That is exactly the problem. A women’s group totally makes sense because when you won’t stop telling women what’s best for them when it comes to an issue as simple as a new facebook group, you certainly won’t stop from offering all your man-wisdom when something more serious issues. We don’t know what it’s like to be a woman, we don’t know how they should deal with their issues, our opinions are frequently biased, irrelevant, and plain wrong.

Now I shall take my own advice and leave.

And this is not something that only women-related issues face. We all are prone to falling for this. Whenever we find ourselves deciding what is good for others (say poor, minorities, even our own children etc.), we might need to step back and see if we are suffering from this cluelessness plus overconfidence.
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