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The awkwardness of cutting a queue at the ATM

People often pay us by cheque/DD at So, I often have to go and drop those cheques. It is funny, when not awkward, how people who are in line to draw cash at the ATMs shoot dirty glances at me thinking I am someone trying to cut the queue. I sheepishly go ahead and try to reach the cheque deposit area quickly, hoping that those dirty glances have relaxed. So, I was actually relieved when someone tried to stop me yesterday.

“Excuse me,” came a stern voice.

So, I flashed the cheque at him and smiled. His face broke into an embarrassed grin, but I felt good that I have explained myself.

Trivial, but I do dread the dirty looks while cutting the cash withdrawal line to deposit a cheque. Wish they placed the cheque deposit boxes in a way that it was obvious when someone is going for them and not for cash withdrawal.


3 thoughts on “The awkwardness of cutting a queue at the ATM

  1. Same here. Actually from both sides. Sometimes I get upset that somebody is trying to jump the queue only to realize he/she is just depositing a check. Off late I walk up close to the door, take out the check and the pen right in front of the folks and then walk in holding them out. My “don’t shoot me, I mean no harm” approach 🙂

  2. Yes have very sweetly narrated the otherwise embarassing experience (for me especially).

    I have had experience of hear people mumble when one take more than usual time to withdraw money…

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