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Rarely does a novel knocks at your brain’s door and makes its way to your heart. ‘Moving On’ is just one of those. A story about the conquest of a women against all the odds fighting its way out against the cruel orthodox world, ‘Moving On’ portrays that no journey is free of ups and downs but that is exactly what makes the ride worthwhile. Smriti a girl who had been brought up in a conservative family but her mother was her shield and helped her reach the heights. Something tragic happens then and she is left to unravel the mystery and battle against her conventional destiny only to break free and turn out victorious. ‘Love can be much more than physical attraction’ is the inference that can be easily drawn by the story and it’s the undying support that is one of the prerequisites to prove oneself as an ideal partner.

It is a story about love, society, family values, women upliftment, relationships and much more explained in a great narration that could help you draw the characters in your mind. The storytelling style was comforting with no superficial element into it. The author had taken the plot quite well along and must say it was hard to believe as an attempt by an amateur.

A Good Read overall, especially for the feminists out there.

Overall Rating: 8/10

One sentence review: Great story that touches one’s heart.

Longer version: “Moving On” is the story of Smriti and Rohan who are diametrically apart in their approaches to life. Rohan is an epitome of business success who has everything material he needs and can hope for. He is cold hearted and afraid to put himself out for people though. Smriti, on the other hand, has a normal job that will not be considered as a great success by some people, but is someone who puts her caring self out to people around her and is sensitive to people’s feelings. What happens when these two people meet? Does Love and Care of Smriti for people softens Rohan or the hard-heartedness of Rohan makes people around him also like that? Ms Jaya Jha takes you on a journey where Smriti’s honesty and willingness to expose her vulnerabilities transforms Rohan into somebody he would never have imagined: a person who deeply cares for Smriti.

The story is so capturing that I could not put the book away and take a break after I reached half way through. The story in itself is not full of suspense (the Preface removes the suspense already): it is Rohan’s growth as a caring human being that keeps the story full of interest. It is refreshing to see how Smriti truly cares for the well-being of Rohan, even with her deep insecurities within her, and how Rohan tries to help her to the best of his abilities and tries to turn her into someone truly independent human being who can follow her vision of the life.

Highly recommended. Definitely worth a read.

by Yogeshwar Sharma

One amongst the amazing Love Stories that I have read.. The wonder is, two souls who were known to be hard core selfish by the outer world.. fall selflessly in love.. & their love this time was to no bounds.

Inspite of the hardships life had put them through, they learnt how to trust each other the hard way.

Moving On.. is just not a phrase but a motivation that no matter how worst the past is.. it is never too late to start a new beginning.. & true love helps you to sail through all ups & downs.

Loved the book .. Its worth a read..

by Kajal Aidasani

“Moving on” the title itself is bound to trigger curiosity. At first glance the story may appear a simple love story but once you get in to it Ms Jha takes you on a roller coaster ride and you sure don’t want to put the novel down.

Smitri and Rohan, two people who in appearance are poles apart and yet as the story unfolds you discover to people who indeed have things in common, Smitri may have had the love of a mother but Rohan never did. Rohan may have been born with a silver spoon in the mouth yet he chose to build another company from scratch, and in the same way we see Smitri who with sheer determination becomes the perfect assistant.

Ms Jha takes us through the ups and downs in the lives of her characters, the highs and lows of the protagonists are presented in a way we can identify with them, we share Smitri’s pain when she hears of her mother’s death and we sure want to thrash the heartless Aditya. And of course who would not want to have a knight in shining armor like Rohan.

So, if you want to fall in love with love stories again, get your copy of “€œMoving On” and let Ms Jha guide though a memorable journey.

by Sharifa O Azm

Moving On revolves around two individuals who have suffered enough pain to move beyond it. Their relationship is not served on a platter but is a result of thoughtfulness and commitment. The most endearing aspect of the story is the romance that emerges inspite of pain experienced before the relationship and effort that goes into making this relationship click.

by Shubhneet Kaur

Jaya, I liked the way you have sketched your character and their insecurities till they get together.. However after they get together, I feel there some idealisation, but probably that is what all love stories do… BTW the first part actually made me cry, have’nt done that in a long long time, probably not after gone with the wind…. Kudos to your writing….

by Sujata Tibrewala

The book reads very easily and the story flows very smoothly. Seeing the characters take shape and evolve is interesting. I’m not a particularly fast reader, but this book kept me engaged and I finished it in one (longer than my usual attention span to reading :)) sitting!

by Asim Shankar

It is a very nice novel; a great love story between Rohan and Smriti. It shows us that whatever happened in the past, we can still move on in life. There is always hope for a better future.

Great job. Keep it up.

by Zayna Paraouty
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