Very frustrated with Handloom Paradise in Kaggadasapura

I am really very frustrated with the furniture shop in our neighbourhood today. This is a rant post. But even if you do not read the rest of it, please make sure that if you stay around Kaggadasapura/C. V. Raman Nagar/ G. M. Palya/Malleshpalya/ DRDO Colony or nearby areas or know someone who stays in that area, do not buy anything from Handloom Paradise. The guy owning the shop is a big cheat. Don’t be fooled by his sweet voice.

Here is our story.

We had ordered a steel almirah before Diwali. He had assured us that the interior design will be modified according to our wishes and he will need more time for it – two weeks we were promised. So, we gave him a design according out our needs. The almirah was also supposed to have a mirror.

And then started the nightmare.

The almirah took 6+ weeks to be delivered instead of two. Unfortunately at the time it was delivered, I was a bit busy and did not notice some of the things, particularly

  • The design was nowhere close to what we wanted.
  • The mirror was missing.

And I made the biggest mistake of paying them. Beat me up for that if you will, but it does not justify their behaviour that followed. I would expect neighbourhood shop to be more considerate towards their customers as they would get their customers from the same pool and would expect repeat customers. But nope! This guy is too full of himself.

  • When we complained, he behaved as if nothing was the matter. He would get it replaced, get the mirror fixed or whatever we wanted. He said that other almirahs are lying in his godown and ours must have been exchanged with one of them. So, our design should be available. Fair enough. We asked to see those. Not today! The godown was too full. In a day or two, he would have it cleaned up and then we can see.
  • For next couple of visits, his godown was still not cleaned up. Finally we gave up and just asked him to install the mirror. Of course, that could be done anytime. We just had to call up. We were not available for couple of weeks. No problems. We just had to call up.
  • And the final stage of nightmare started after we tried to get them to install the mirror. Whenever we call up, he is either sending the person by evening or the next day. We called and called. Everytime a new person will pick up the phone and get us confused with several other cases (which tells me that ours was not a one off case – they always try to get away with not providing the mirror or delivering the wrong product!). Finally we got the owners number. Similar assurances one after the other. By 12 ‘o clock, by 6 ‘o clock. By tomorrow and even “just in a while”.
  • Today afternoon, I was fed up with this “just in a while” talk. So, we went to his shop. Babuji khana khane gaye hain. We insisted on talking to him. First time the assistant called him up, he did not even bother talking to us. “Bas aaj ho jayega”. We insisted and then he called up again and he promised by 3.30. Of course, nothing happened by 3.30. So, I called him up. And instead of being sorry, he started abusing me. I was being unreasonable – hello – after weeks of running around! Even government offices are better. I told him that the almirah is unused and he can take it back. But no – “hum ye kaam nahin karte hain.” Right! Rectifying a mistake hurts his self-respect, but making a mistake and cheating the customer makes him proud. Now his problem is that the light is not there, so he can not get the mirror polished. Wonderful. How was he promising us to deliver the mirror all this while, if it was not even polished.

Purely from business point of view, if he returned my money today, I might have considered buying from him again. Now of course, I am a customer lost forever with bad word of mouth. This wasn’t the first purchase we had made there. It is convenient shop for us and we often buy stuff from there. After the almirah, of course, I did not buy either my sofa or new mattress from them. Nor will I ever go to him again.

But I am feeling so let down today. These guys can get away with all this and even abusing their customers. Today I really want to do something that forces him to close down. But sigh! Do I have time for all this? At least I am going to send this to everyone who I know stays in this area.

Please do the same. At least some people will be spared the torture.

Big Bazaar is only a few kilometers away from here. Buy stuff from there and get a pain-free delivery. If you are not the Big-Bazaar kind of buyer, go to Shivajinagar or other such established old-world market and buy things from there. But not this store. Please!

Handloom Paradise in Kaggadasapur is run by a cheater!

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11 thoughts on “Very frustrated with Handloom Paradise in Kaggadasapura

  1. I don’t think Big Bazaar is any better. I have had a really bad experience with them buying a cot. Late delivery and really bad quality.

    My advice: Don’t buy anything in India. Or be ready to screwed 🙂

    • He he – yeah. Sleep on the floor and mat (because mattress buying can be as harrassing!). Import TV Tuner card from China and see TV on your laptop bought from USA. But oops! Airtel IPTV does not work with TV Tuner cards! Better not watch TV.

      Oops! I am going insane. I guess I should aspire for an ascetic lifestyle. :))

    • Btw, just curious, did you not see the cot in Big Bazaar before ordering it? OR did you buy online (futurebazaar)?

      • I did see it but it was all assembled there. Only when I got it delivered and saw it being assembled did I realize how stupid the design was. In general I have found that big bazaar is good only for branded stuff and groceries etc

      • Hmm… That’s a more complicated problem 🙂 We had seen Almirahs in Big Bazaar and decided not to buy them, because the ones in our budget clearly had bad quality. Sofa, on the other hand, looked good. I don’t know how long it will last, but we got what we ordered and in time. Now praying for mattress. They had told us upfront that it will take 15 days and we still have time until then. Let’s see 🙂

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  3. Think, business standards in general have gone down. Once they get money, they don’t even bother about retaining customers or customer relationship. Not sure how this attitude/mentality can be changed …

  4. oops, one more bad experience. One lesson, I learned in India, never in full until you get your things in the condition you want.

  5. I had bad but “not so bad” experience with big bazaar, bought a almirah and bed. paid them all in advance. but then finally kept on waiting and waiting, 3 weeks and no delivery, call didnt made any difference.
    finally went back to shop, shouted and blasted them. got all the money back in cash :D. yea it took whole 1 and a half hour. furniture from big bazaar is usually over expensive and low in quality. try godrej (excellent customer service) or style spa. It will be money well spent. Later I bought bed from godrej, it just had a small design flaw (one rod wasnt in proper line), they changed whole panel for it. thats customer delight.

    bottom line is if you ever buy from local shop, only pay when you are completely satisfied with delivery.
    advances should be as small as possible.

    here are some another horror stories on similar lines .

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