The odd moments of Delhi – 6

It shows promise at times and then takes a track which make you go – “Oh! Why this?”

So, here are some selected odd stuff from Delhi-6:

WARNING: May have spoilers

  • The born-and-brought-up-in-America grand son is in India with his grand-ma, fights with a policeman, barges into a neighbour’s house when he is trying to fix his daughter marriage to tell him and his guests that the girl does not want to get married, meets the girl at the dusk and gets accused of trying to run away with her and the dadi does not have a word of advice to give. Okay, she has lived with his son’s family in the US for five years and has probably learnt not to interfere in their lives. But for God’s sake. Her grandson knows nothing about the ways in India and can get into trouble. Not a single word of advice anywhere?
  • The whole scene concluding “India works” is so, so, so artificial. Would have looked good between people discussing business. Not there. Not to ultimately confess that he is in love!
  • The “talking-to-dead-grand-pa” scene was another awkward one…
  • Finally I just did not get how the crowd suddenly changed its attitude towards our hero. How did the realization dawn on them that he was not the Kala Bandar, but became so for “their” love!

A disappointment after Rang De Basanti.

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