Watch Luck by Chance

Farhan Akhtar rocks again! As the worldly wise charmer… Reviews are all over the places of course. I have three things to say (has spoilers).

  • Technically, at times it feels like a bunch of snapshot, documentary like – instead of a well flowing story. But all these snapshots are entertaining. And essential. Although sometimes you wonder if this particular piece of information could have been woven more tightly in the story instead of being presented as what looks like patch. Like abusive childhood experience of Neena Walia (Dimple Kapadia) or the story of Sona (Konkana Sen Sarma) before she comes to Mumbai. The scenes that delve into those look like the ones that are almost put up as an afterthought. But they were essential to the experience of the story and hence I am glad, they came out. Would not do much nitpicking on this part though. After all, what do I know about film-making. At the end of the day I enjoyed it 🙂
  • One of the last scenes, where Vikram (Farhan) tries to come back to Sona (Konkana), is I think a brilliant one. For two reasons.
    • First is how a scene that looks like a typical “all will end well” scene takes a ‘U’ turn. Vikram is sincerely telling Sona, how she has been the only constant support for him through his days of struggling and how even in his life as a superstar, she can be an anchor for him etc. and how he committed a mistake by ignoring and misunderstanding her. A typical “subah ka bhoola” coming back in the evening. There is all the sincerity in what Vikram is saying. You, as audience, is convinced of a happy ending. But Sona has an observation. An observation on how everything he said had only to do with him, his well being. There was nothing about her, her life, her aspirations, an anchor and support for her. How she expects him to go away as soon as the next excitement in his life comes. And hence, no all is well ending.
    • Second is a statement she makes. “पर इसमें तुम्हारी कोई गलती नहीं है। कुछ लोग होते ही ऐसे हैं।” It can be seen as a sarcastic statement. But there is something realistic and subtle about it too. He is not willfully bad. When one set of things happen to him, it somehow goes into the back of his mind that there are other things to take care of. Its not that he did not want to be with Sona any longer. But her thought conveniently sat at the back of his mind when he overstepped his boundaries while playing the charmer! And probably there is a bit of that Vikram in all of us. In different forms. There are things we don’t do very consciously thinking about the harm it is doing to others. There are such things, which even when we become aware of, we can not get rid of from within us. And probably by the basic nature all of us are selfish. So, simply casting off Vikram’s character as a selfish one will be an over-simplification. There are subtleties of human nature involved, which may be difficult to understand in the first place. But even when understood, there may not be an obvious way to deal with them. Probably I don’t make much sense here. Skip to te next poin then 🙂
  • Watch the movie, if you haven’t 🙂
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2 thoughts on “Watch Luck by Chance

  1. I liked the movie. It is well made. I liked the way Vikram’s character has been built and his struggling friend’s character had a lots of subtle shades too. Scene you have mentioned is very important but even before that I was so satisfied with the whole movie that I did not need an ending honestly. Supporting cast has done a brilliant job..Rishi Kapoor & especially Juhi Chawla was just too good. I loved the stereotypes they tried to underline. Pretty impressive! I like the music too. 🙂

  2. just ended seeing it last night.hmmm.*Vikram* is kool.Sona as change.

    *par is mein tumhari koi galti nahi hai.kuch log hote hi aise hain*!!! *SFTRT*!

    Thanks for the post! You are very humble man!

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