Mail going to spam on yahoo accounts? Yahoo does listen – contact them.

I have heard others facing this problem; so thought I would share my experience here.

Our mail is hosted with Google Apps for your Domain, while our hosting is with godaddy and is on a shared ip. Mails from to yahoo ids were almost invariably being delivered to spam folder. And it was a while before we realized this. In all likelihood we lost some business. Even after realizing the problem, sometimes we just did not pay attention to the fact that a query had come from yahoo id and the mail never got delivered. When we did notice the yahoo id, the only solution at disposal was awkward. We’d respond to them from id and then forward the mail to our personal id and resend from there. I ended up transferring some of the business discussions to personal id, which was not a great thing.

We had no clue what to do, but on the suggestion of an ex-yahoo friend, decided to shoot a mail to the customer support. From there on the experience was good.

I could not find a place to report this specific problem. So, I shot a mail to their customer support from their help page which is meant to resolve problems with your yahoo account, not other things. But the beginning of the good experience was that the mail did get forwarded to the right team. I received “Automated Confirmation” a couple of times; so I guess it got forwarded more than once before reaching in the right hands. But that does not bother me, since they promptly replied back. They asked a bunch of questions about servers being used for mails, hosting server IP addresses, volumes and policies about newsletters being sent out etc. It was a long questionnaire; so it took me a few days before I actually sat down to respond to it. I finally responded today afternoon and just now received a confirmation that because we have a shared IP they can not fully exempt the IP, but have made suitable changes in the database. I hope it means that our domain is white listed. Abhaya just sent a mail to his own yahoo id. Earlier these mails always ended up in spam, not this time.

So, I definitely give a thumbs up to Yahoo Support for this. And in case you are facing a similar problem, contacting them is worth it. The right place to go to is . If you click on one of the questions there, the page has a “Contact Support” link too.

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10 thoughts on “Mail going to spam on yahoo accounts? Yahoo does listen – contact them.

  1. ?? How would that solve the problem of mails ending up in spam. We were not looking for a bulk mail solution. Our normal one off mails would end in spam when sent to a yahoo id.

  2. In case you not aware, the same kind of problem exists with Rediff too. I tested this with two websites (1. mine website hosted at godaddy, 2. my friend’s website hosted at bluehost) last week.

  3. Didn’t subscribe for follow-ups, hence missed out on clarification.

    Sending mails from shared IP is not a good idea as those IP addresses are generally black-listed. DNSMadeEasy SMTP gateway, alleviates this problem as mail is identified as originating from DNSMadeEasy and hence not marked as spam. It is not a bulk-mail service. On the contrary, they block you if they get complaint for your account. I specified the number of emails per day just to give you a sense of how economical it is.

    Your approach of talking to Yahoo is fine, but you can’t possibly talk to every single domain of your user.

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