Star One – Some Relief

If I remember correctly, I have talked about it earlier. The total failure of T.V. as a source of entertainment. Where is the genuine light-hearted entertainment? News, sports and Dicsovery channels are not entertainment for me. And sass-bahu soaps are more of a headache than entertainment. One can’t even watch them for just awareness’ sake – something one can do for news, sports and Discovery channels.

Star-One has some relief for me. There are four serials I watch these days

  • Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai: I won’t say much about it. It’s an absolute master-piece. I can’t remember another serial, which had such intelligent humour! It’s not a new serial. What we see are repeat telecasts. But who cares. Being an old serial, they keep changing the timing, but these days it airs on weekdays at 8 pm.
  • Dil Mil Gaye: If I remember correctly, they used to air a serial called “Sanjeevini” on Star Plus (?) long back. The serial had started off on an interesting plot with a bunch of interns in a hospital called Sanjeevini. But it hadn’t taken it long to degenerate into another saas-bahu saga. I don’t know how it had ended. Dil Mil Gaye has a similar plot. The hospital is called “Sanjeevini” in this one too, and Mohnish Bahl plays the head of the hospital like in “Sanjeevini”! The good thing is that unlike “Sanjeevini”, Dil Mil Gaye has stuck to its plot – at least till now. The incidents are not necessarily very practical, real life kind. The pranks they play, the way they behave, are rather comical and very unreal at times. But overall, it is what you would call a “cute” story. Nice to watch. Does not give a headache. Airs on weekdays at 8.30 pm. Repeated at 11 pm.
  • Miley Jab Hum Tum: This serial is also in the category of “cute” serials like Dil Mil Gaye. This is set around the students of a college in Mumbai; the “cool” set of Mumbaites are joined by two “so-unlike-then-hence-so-funny” small town sisters and the events that follow. IITians can not be a great judge of how real or unreal the situations and incidents depicted are 🙂 At least all the girls in the college swooning over one “cool dude” guy is beyond our imagination 😀 So is a girl, even if she is the Diva of the college, coming to the college in strapless, mini dresses. But let me not judge all that.

    What I really like about the serial are its well itched characters. Unlike sass-bahu soaps, there is variety in the characters. The four lead characters have their own personalities and characters. They are good and bad in their own unique ways. Not like our saas-bahu soaps, where all the heroines are carbon copies of each other and so are all the vamps. (No point even talking about heroes and villains there, right?).

    Plus they are not stereotyped like most of the serials and movies in India are prone to doing. The small town girls do not speak the flavor of Hindi, which is beyond the comprehension for everyone. But very realistically, they are shown to be using words and phrases, which baffle and amuse the Mumbaites. (expressions like “By God”, saying “chutkula” instead of “joke”, frequent use of Hindi proverbs by our small town girl Nupur). And unlike “Vivah” (the movie), they do not use words like “Jal” for water. Airs on weekdays at 9 pm. Repeated at 11.30 pm.

  • Siddhanth: Now, this is some serious stuff. Again an old serial and this is a repeat telecast. Airs daily only at 12 midnight! This is a law based drama and a very bold one I must say. Has taken up issues like treatment of AIDS patients by the society, workplace discrimination against pregnant women, and even sex-change (which is illegal in India apparently). Extremely engaging serial. Highly recommended for some serious entertainment. The timing is not quite convenient, but the effort is worth it.

    On the sideline, the lead character (a lawyer) seems to get too much of female attention. But his character and personality is itched out in a way, that explains why he is attractive to women. Smart, handsome, intelligent, professionally successful, rich with pro-bono inclinations, comfortable in court-room as well as in high society parties, a subtle flirt, respects women – but is not a ‘chaplus’ either, sensitive, responsible, mature… Wow! That’s an unrealistically long list of positive adjectives. But the character does not feel like unrealistic at all. One reason is that he has been shown to be growing through time to acquire these qualities. He did not have them all by birth! Plus, he is shown to fail at times. He falls speechless in court, even falters and stammers in some tough situations, feels desperate and appears to be reaching nowhere is difficult cases.

    Anyway, that’s the sideline, which adds some light moments to the serial. But a must watch for the main drama around law, courts and cases.

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