Victims of Extremist Concepts!

SC convicts boy for sex with 16-yr-old girlfriend

What the hell!! It is amply clear that the 16 year old girl is not so innocent that she was duped into having sex. It is not clear in the article as to how this case based on supposedly a very old incident is being heard now. If the girl’s father is filing a leniency plea now, why did he have to file a case in the first place? My only guess is that the case was filed long ago, when the incident had actually happened. Even as an adult, the girls seems pretty sure that she wasn’t cheated or anything. What a terrible result of a supposedly well meaning law. On one hand, many genuine rape criminals are never punished. On the other someone who was obviously not a criminal is being punished simply because the letter of the law pronounces him to be one :(( Its such a pity. Human judgment is so helpless before the written letters??

And these victims from our neighbouring country.

5 women buried alive in Pak, MP defends act

To make matters worse there is nothing you or I can do except to sit in front of our monitors reading the news and wondering how bad can it be!

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