Many avenues, Please contribute

We have been able to collect information about a bunch of avenues to contribute in the blog http://biharflood.wordpress.com Please choose one of your choice and contribute.

If you know me personally and are okay forgoing section 80G benefits, you can also help by sending cash for the medicines, first round of which we are planning to send by 2nd September. Get in touch, if interested.

In any case, picking up one of the avenues from the ones listed on the blog should always be possible.

If you are in Bangalore and would like to donate old clothes, please leave a comment. You can also coordinate such collection for your office and we’d be happy to figure out the logistic of collecting it from you.

If you want to coordinate some efforts of sending relief items in your city/area/company/college, please look at these posts, which have information about the things needed

A list of medicines required is available here – http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pXkYURrkCSy7Cd6zB4VmMQg

Given the number of people affected (Approx. 30 lacs by now) and the extent of devastation (Many comfortably placed families are on roads! Don’t even talk about those who already had very little!), combined with the fact that water is going to take couple of months or two to recede (to allow any kind of repair and reconstruction), it is going to be a long drawn out battle. How many people can be saved? How many can survive the mental trauma they will go through even if they survive physically? We don’t know. But at least many people are working on the ground and rest of us can help with resources.

There would be time enough for blame games in future. This is the time to do whatever we can!

5 thoughts on “Many avenues, Please contribute

  1. While it is commendable effort, don’t you think it will be more efficient if money could be sent to someone on the ground who could buy stuff there and distribute in relief camps? While I am based in London, this is what I did and got in touch with people in Saharsa who were directly involved in relief operations in camps. They told me that there has been influx of about 3 lac people in the town most of whom are staying in relief camps in Mahila College and local schools. More than half of them are children. Obviously, I knew some of those people personally so credibility was not a problem here. Let me know if you want to get in touch and co-ordinate in this fashion. Measures can be taken to ensure credibility.

    I was always opposed to donating to government funds because of their terrible track record. Most of the money remains unaccounted for and the people who actually do ground work get frustrated because of lack of finance.

  2. @Neeraj: You are right. Personally we are also sending everything we are collecting to people on ground we are in touch with.

    However, leaving everything to them after giving cash is not the best thing to do. There aren’t even enough volunteers on the ground. Plus procuring certain things directly from companies is much more effective.

    So, we are sending cash for food and other local expenses, procuring medicines from pharma manufactures and shipping there and shipping old clothes to the camps too.

    Also, if everyone tries to get in touch with folks on ground directly that would be too much of overhead for them too. So, it makes sense to go through some of the NGOs you know are genuine.

    Many people still prefer to donate through govt. machinaries, while others scoff at it. So, the point is that everyone should contribute the away they feel comfortable.

  3. Many people still prefer to donate through govt. machinaries, while others scoff at it. So, the point is that everyone should contribute the away they feel comfortable.

    Definitely. That was one of the reason I was trying to establish contact with some central aid organisation who could take contributions from abroad so that I could generate whatever funds I could from my company. Anyways, as far as getting stuff to the scene is concerned, going through a credible NGO is definitely the way to go. I will get back to you with some more info on this.

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