More on Airtel Customer Service

As if what happened last week was not enough, I missed a call from a number I did not quite recognize today afternoon. When I called back, it started giving me all the latest ads of Airtel. So, kept the phone. In the evening got the call from the same number. It was somebody apologizing for the problem I had, told me that it has been fixed, and that this was a confirmatory call from Airtel and whether there was something else he could help me with. No, there was nothing else. Thanks so much for fixing it. You mean, I can access GPRS now. Yes, that’s what he meant. Cool. After that, I thought of trying it out. But to be on the safer side, decided to switch on and off the phone. And you can guess the reason I am writing this post. The GPRS still isn’t working. Grrrr… I am scared of going through all their departments again tomorrow. I guess, I would give up the greed of cheaper unlimited GPRS and just go with my older plan. Those were such peaceful days.

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Jaya Jha is an entrepreneur, a techie, a writer and a poet. She was born and brought up in various towns of Bihar and Jharkhand. A graduate of IIT Kanpur and IIM Lucknow, she realized early on that the corporate world was not her cup of tea. In 2008, she started, one of the first print-on-demand publishing platform in India. She currently lives in Bangalore and divides her time between writing and working on her company's latest product InstaScribe ( with a vision to make it the best e-book creation tool. Blog: Twitter: @jayajha Facebook:

29 thoughts on “More on Airtel Customer Service

  1. Which comments are moderated? All of them are appearing here. The ones that have been unapproved, is equivalent to deleting, because of the reason everyone knows. I don’t have time to inform everyone that their comment is being deleted. Now, stop being so neurotic about it please.

  2. This may possibly be unrelated but I am having a BSNL connection since the last 3 years and they have just been great.
    The plan I have gives me unlimited GPRS for Rs 149/- a months and roaming at Re 1/- per minute.

    You may want to check out their website for their plans, they may interest you.

    As for their customer service, it is not the best in the world but still I don’t think it is worse than Airtel. I have an Airtel broadband and their customer care has made me suffer lots.

  3. Hi Jaya, U sound to be narcissistic at times…..:-):-) Though I am a regular reader of your post, I cannot stop telling the above.:-(

  4. Narcissism is such an understatement. She is at the proud intersection of arrogance, narcissism,complement of humility, obsession and many more similar qualities. The worse part I guess is that she is surrounded by ‘Yes- people’, who write beautiful words for every crap she writes and when sometimes some new comers disagree, their comments are unapproved!!!!Such a shameless behavior could only be exhibited by a small town so called high achiever girl who is accustomed to being treated as a celebrity and could never have the time to question, if this is the time for a little self introspection…

  5. Ahem! And why does it disturb you so much? Just ignore me. By now, you should have concluded that I am incorrigible – especially immune to people like you.

  6. We all know that something great is indwelling in her. And we respect that also. The bigger problem I noticed is that she is reluctant towards any suggestions or encouragement for improvement. You can’t suggest Jaya Jha to improve on something. That will be considered as a sin in the kingdom of Godead, on the Judgement Day. Lol. As if she is 100% perfect girl. No Mam, you are not yet 100% perfect. No body on the earth is so. Even Buddha, Mahavir and Jesus were not 100% perfect. They were open for suggestions. They didn’t delete comments. Lol. Details are more which I am not willing to tell in this small place for the very reason I just described.

    But, why am I worried? I shouldn’t be really. I tried my level best not to visit her blog…still trying. But, you know – She writes so elegant that…Guess, have to stop using Internet. Lol πŸ˜‰

  7. It is worrying to see the readers criticizing the author in such unwarranted strong words. No body invited you to read this blog, and if you find the author’s writing so offensive, why to come here and put your uninvited views. The author is a role model for us and any statements criticizing our favorite author is tantamount to abusing her fans and regular readers. We have educated ourselves, taught ourselves, entertained ourselves and the little we can do is to voice our strong protest against these bastards who have insulted our favorite author. We support your writings Jaya, we adore you, we know you are simply the best!!!You should not worry or get disheartened by these people who are at best illiterates and can not recognize the merit of one of the finest author in India or hopefully world in making.

  8. Excellent Keshav…it is people like you who have ensured that she continues with her crappy writings. She probably does not recognize the complex relationship the author and readers invariably share. An author is always welcome to write anything she wants, but if she wants no criticism, she should do it in her notebook which general readers can not study. Of course the real problem is not Jaya but rather people like you who are sycophants and will go to any limit to please your masters. Now I know what to expect from the moderator, all my comments and Shubh comments would be deleted and Keshav comments would remain. Hail Jaya!!!!

  9. Friends, lets not fight please πŸ™‚

    She writes great!! Thats’ true. But readers have freedom to match their thinking with the writers. In some cases it matches and in some it just doesn’t. That’s why some readers disagree. It happens with every book, every author. And in that case writer should be open for suggestions and find out why they are disagreeing.

    Problem comes when a reader can write better than the writer.

  10. I am lovin it. With due respect to McDonalds! And while I have some free time, let me continue to reply.

    Mr. Budhi, it’d be better for you to understand this once and for all (will save some of your blood you are burning in expressing your anger with me!) I have the rights to write on this blog. According to the terms of service of Until I violate the law of the land, or until the decides to suspend my account for whatever reasons. And while I own this blog, I also have the right to moderate the comments. Yes – you may not like it Sir, but I have all the rights to write on the blog, on the Internet even when I don’t want silly comments.

    Finally – listen all my intelligent readers. If possible try to distinguish between commenting on the writings and commenting on the author as a person. By reading the blog, you do not get know me, as a person. Hence, don’t expect me to respect your comments about me as a person. You only see my writings that I choose to put here. I have said it in past and repeating it for the benefit of those who chose to ignore it so far. Those who fail to distinguish between the two (and many of the commenters do) can safely continue to resent me for deleting their comments, when I feel like.

    I don’t own the whole Internet. But too bad guys! You don’t own it too. So, keep your silly standards to yourself.

    And yeah – when reader can write better than the author, there need not be a problem. There are hundreds of free blogging service providers. The person can write his/her own blog and live their lives peacefully.

  11. Very well and very befitting reply Jaya….I hope you do not get disheartened by these silly commentators..we know you would not are a very self confident high achiever girl, who would not be dissuaded by such silly gimmicks of provocative remarks so that you reply them and then brag among their friends and families that they are previliged to have received response from Jaya Jha. It is just a ploy Madam for their self aggrandisement and hopefully, you understand them. They just want to show that they can criticize some one of your stature. But let me just go on board and then declare, these people would also be among them when you would be receiving the Nobel Prize of literature clapping for an indian girl receiving the Nobel. At that time again you would find these same/similar people clamouring for their association with you….such shameless pathetic bastards!!!

  12. I hate to think this…but still…is it possible that both Shyam and Keshav are none other than Jaya herself!!!or may be one of them!!! If not, after her harsh comments on me, I would be very happy to know her reaction on these two people!!!!

  13. He he – don’t think so hard Mr. Budhi. Shyam and Keshav are not me. Although, the two comments have so similar a language that it is likely that the two are by the same person, whosoever he is. Rest assured, its not me. Don’t hate things so much. Just don’t read this blog and live peacefully.

    Mr. Rammanohar: Despite my talking about it just now, you did not take care to confine your comment to the writings and not to the author as a person. So, it has to be deleted.

    Anyway, enough of this childish thread. I am done with it. Next post is coming soon.

  14. Jaya,
    Go and see yourself very minutely in the mirror. Pointing finger towards mirror, its going nowhere, but its on you only. You are wrong to assume that two entities are independent on earth. Atleast Newton’s hypothesis don’t approve it.

    Other people have done less harm to you, than you have done for yourself.

    Off course, you can delete any comment you wish, but why should it discourage me to make it listen to you. After all I am made of same Kosi and Kamla water and soil.

  15. You get the IP address of your commentators. See if IP address of Shyam and Keshav is same? If same then they are the same person. If not same still same person. Lol.

  16. Wow!!! what a war of words Man!! After a yawning gap.It happened long time back.And again taking its toll. Writing this comment not for the Author really.But for Mr *Budhi*. As u have mentioned the word “Yes-Man”.

    Yes i have been reading and reading this blog and will continue to do it till this blog is alive,hope for a long time,i just wish!! I donot have any personal attachment to the Author as a person seriously.I read b coz i like WRITING,and as the writer she is just too good.It doesnt matter to me whether she deletes my words or not.I m no *egghead* at all,when someone is better than me why should i feel like a “yes-man”. But still yeah *still* if being just as *yes-man* can give me peace i m happy really.

    As being the most *incorrigible* commentor,i have been for the last years,no one has commented here more than me.This is the reason Mr. Budhi that i have written this comment.Though trust me i m about to drool over my bed,feeling sleepy sleepy.may b a yes-man or may not b. Gud night.

  17. Here is an excellent finding. Budhi, kk (Comment deleted), Keshav and Shyam are all the same person. All these comments have come from the same IP. Now, unless there are all these different people sitting behind the same proxy server taking such a keen interest in my writing and myself as a person, we all know what is going on.

    Kyon bhai Mr. Budhi/KK/Keshav/Shyam etc. (Adding etc. because I haven’t done a thorough checking. Who knows there are more names this person has taken)? Koi kaam dhaam nahin hai life mein? And Mr. Budhi was accusing me of doing what he has done. Posted comments in different names to prove God knows what! Too much. Germany mein bhi Ekta Kapoor ke serials dekhte ho kya?

    By the way a little more timepass on the Internet and I know your name and address too (I am not exaggerating). Not that it matters to me, but you are not as smart as you’d like to think you are. If you think you are anonymous even if you are making a fool of yourself, that’s not the case. Please don’t do such non sense stuff on this blog in future (preferably elsewhere too – but who am I to tell you about other places.).

  18. That is right Jaya. All are the same person, writing comments by different names. I guess, anyone familiar with networking concepts would know it would not be infinitely difficult to find the ip addresses of the commentators. Now, the question, why did I do it? For one thing, it does not reflect my smartness for sure, what does it to do to some nameless person whom you do not know. Actually, I did that for two reasons, first, you have made sure that the comments all have to be praising and any comments disagreeing with that will be deleted. So, I inserted those words of flowering praises and I was sure a person of your arrogance would never delete the comments which praises you in such a language, so the criticisms would also remain there. (You can see the fate of Rammanohar comments..was deleted before many/anyone could read it). Secondly, just a closer look and it would become clear that the comments by Shyam and keshav are also criticisms in form of hyperbole. For instance, you being the “finest author in India or hopefully in world”…”you are the best”…”the hyper enthusiasm of fans”…and worse for Shyam..”Nobel prize for literature”…”bragging among friends and family that one has received reply from Jaya”…could have rang a bell in any sane person mind, just that it did not occur to you. And when I pushed you for your comments on such praises, all you said was ..It it not Jaya who is writing this “….and not a word on what you think about such unwarranted praises!!!….Forget, who I am, look at the issues that I have raised, and if you have conveyed something meaningful to you, I would consider my efforts rewarded, else, be happy with your extremely displayable nice qualities. Good Luck!!!

  19. Great! You have proved I am arrogant and a narcissist and whatever else. Now, will you keep away from my blog please? People like you are not going to change me – so you shouldn’t expect to find a different Jaya if you come here regularly.

    That you should go to such lengths to prove something as trivial as this about someone you should have nothing to do with shows that you are not the kind of person whose words I would ever take seriously. Every quality you attribute to me are very much your own. I don’t go around preaching the world at least.

    Good luck in improving the next person you choose to improve.

  20. Guess, it doesn’t understand html tags.

    if($ip = “Budhis IP”)
    echo “Budhi, Your are not allowed to visit this blog”;

  21. Budhi has not done anything great sin. How he did that is not improtant, his intention is more imprtant. I see a message in his intention. You need to put urself in his place and then analyze. You won’t find him entirely wrong.

  22. Yes intention is important.But the point is why? Wait,i m not supporting anyone at all,but why to give so much importance to just one person?? And then by different names,may b Mr “Budhi” wanted to see both sides of the coin,may b.But u see both sides are same.

    Whoever that guy i donot know,nor i have interest,but this is too much,Shubh,dont u think so?Shubh is shubh Jaya is jaya,Anupam is Anupam,Budhi is Budhi.We have our own gifts and virtues.If you donot like writing on movies,no matter how much your fans will tell u to write,i think u wont.U have ur own interest,i have my own,every body has freedom to write,and freedom of listening also.If i donot like rock music no matter how costly swanky the audio set is,i wont.Simple.

    Though name is still not clear,but kool.May b Mr. Budhi was right,but the way he has done this is not at all expected from anyone who is a normal guy.Though even i m not normal,but still,i keep in mind one thing,at least whatever i write it sudnt create a drama.If the Author is happy not in changing at all kool,doesnt mean we lose our own traits.Though i have none.

  23. @abhaya Ditto!!! This would make(of course after adding loads of masala πŸ™‚ ) a great story. Story of Mr. Buddhi alias Keshav alias Shyam (or whatever). However I must admit he definitely did prove a point(or half).

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