Airtel Customer Service

I thought they were Gods, until yesterday.

I was subscribed to their weekly GPRS Mobile Office Plan, which gave unlimited GPRS and costed 140 Rs. a week. Not particularly cheap, but I like to have unlimited data plans. So, I happily went ahead with that. Until one day, I got a call from somebody at Airtel. They had a plan called 249 Blackberry with Unlimited MO. This was essentially a plan for blackberry, which had unlimited GPRS along with it. Use of blackberry would charged at 15p or so per kb, but GPRS had no extra charge. Wonderful. Substantial amount of savings per month. I didn’t have to use blackberry. I will use just the GPRS. It was fine – I was told. Okay, so I have to send an e-mail to subscribe to that plan, which I did and I promptly received a confirmatory message that this plan has been activated.

Like an alert customer I called up there customer care centre and confirmed that this new plan was activated and at the same time the old weekly one was deactivated. I was told that was the case. Great! When they sent me a message afterwards asking if I was satisfied with the interaction, I even replied saying yes. And then came thursday – the day my weekly plan used to be renewed and I received an SMS saying it has been renewed. What the hell! It was not supposed to be active any longer. I call up the customer care again and the friendly representative tells me that I need to send an SMS to cancel the plan. Why the hell did the earlier one not tell me so. Anyway, I send the message. 24 hours later I get the confirmation that the plan has been canceled. Great! Only problem is I am no longer able to use GPRS. Whatever happened to my new plan. And then started the series of calls to three departments at Airtel. One at 121 (the normal customer care), other at 7070 (the blackberry department) and yet another at 12118 (GPRS technical support). I am not exaggerating, but they kept asking me to call the other number, when I called on one of them. Finally I got frustrated and asked one of the representatives to escalate the call. She assured me that she is filing complaints and it would be resolved by 12. Great! Guess what! After that I get SMS telling me the complaint reference number. Not one, but four of them. But nothing happened until 4 in the evening. So, I call up again and give one of those reference numbers. Apparently there is no complaint filed under that reference number. Wow! I ask again to escalate the call. She tells me she will file the complaint. I kept insisting on call escalation and this is the only thing she can do, she kept telling me. Finally I lost the patience and agreed to her complaint filing. I again got two reference numbers and the ETD? Well – for a complaint filed on friday, it is 5 pm on monday. So, here I am without GPRS connection, but paying for both the connections probably.

Sigh! Airtel – I always thought better of you.

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Jaya Jha is an entrepreneur, a techie, a writer and a poet. She was born and brought up in various towns of Bihar and Jharkhand. A graduate of IIT Kanpur and IIM Lucknow, she realized early on that the corporate world was not her cup of tea. In 2008, she started, one of the first print-on-demand publishing platform in India. She currently lives in Bangalore and divides her time between writing and working on her company's latest product InstaScribe ( with a vision to make it the best e-book creation tool. Blog: Twitter: @jayajha Facebook:

19 thoughts on “Airtel Customer Service

  1. Hi Jaya
    I can understand as i also faced it.
    Air Tel customer care is very good when you are going to start a connection. But they will not listen to you when you want to disconnect any if their services. I have also faced the same kind of situation with my Broadband connection. I have submitted the alpplication for disconnection 3 months before. But still i get calls from them for bill without using for last 3 months.

  2. Hi jaya
    This is Saurabh jha from same village from where u
    belong to, Bhramarpur(Dist-Bhagalpur).I i m not wrong
    u r niece of Mangleshwar chacha…
    Today i found ur blog when i was trying to search
    topics about story writing….
    I heared ur name 3 yrs back whn i was in engg college..
    I m s/w engineer as well as model/Actor and writer in
    Now i m working on a story for a film…
    I love to write…..

    Saurabh jha

  3. I don’t know why my comments are held for moderation so long. If my comments make no sense can’t it be peacefully deleted like other comments? I know owner of the blog has better works than deleting comments. Lol. Sorry for that 🙂

    • hello mai koun hai mera ghar aap hi ke ghar ke pas hai.raunak kumarjha.
      c/o- mrityunjay jha.please muje contect kijiye.
      contect us-+917488215323

  4. i really liked your last post. what u said was so true. i found your blog when i was searching for the umrao jaan novel in english – and your post on the novel came up!

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  6. Complaint against Airtel Prepaid Fraud Charges
    Dear Sir,

    Rs. 304.28 have been charged or say looted by Airtel from my account on 20/05/2008, and when I complained to Airtel call centre they replied that I have downloaded some games from “AIRTEL LIVE”.

    I had not used any service nor I used Airtel Live, (also I don’t have any GPRS service activated).

    Now I feel cheated and fooled as I cannot do anything and even when I know that I am true and right.

    I am not getting any proper response or reply from any of Customer Service centres.

    Now I am planning to stop using Airtel Prepaid services and switchover to some other Mobile Operator.

    Sanjay Goswami

  7. dear sir,i have got a air tell gprs subscription .it shows some error abut hpp status and unable to connect internet explorer pls do the needfull in this regard our connection no 9895120801
    abraham/diana abraham maliakkal

  8. Dear sir,
    I have already given complaint and requested with the customer service to blcok my mobile serivce ie mobile no 9845063975 , since the sim is misplaced please block the same, several time requeted to do so but no reply this shows the quality of service of airtel, pleae provide good serice and do the business not just putting cap on the customers just for advertisement, please block my sim card service, my name Dr sudheendra hadadi
    tel 9845063975 no 618 d main road, vysy bank colony, arekere, bannerghatta road, bangalore 76.

  9. please block the service of my mobile 9845063975 as my sim is misplaced, i have given several time s but no reply why, please block the serivec, of this number until further notice from my side,
    dr sudhendra
    no 618 d main road, vysya bank colony.,
    araker, bannergahtta road, bangalaore 76

  10. Airtel Customer service is very bad. and they are not bothered about there customers.

    I requested on 18th June for BB activation. after many follow ups, like begging Activated on 25th june.

    After activation, they suppose to setup in my handset along with software, still they are not hellped.

    Every day i’m calling 5 guys including top managers, they say today tomorrow. but they are not bothered about my problem.

    pls. think. Who is using blackberry ? all top officials maximum.

    For top level people they treat this way. what about the normal peoples condition.

    fewmonths back i had net work problem, i faced similar situation. i fot for 6 months to rectification.

    i’m using this number from last 10years. so i’m unable to change to other providers.


  11. Hellow, i am having a Airtel connection number 9845063975 and since i was not usng that since i was not feeling well it is blocked , please activate the same, since i believe that the airtel is providing good service but even till date nothing happened why, it is a request cum warning to update my connection and please activate the same
    with regards\
    Dr sudheendra

  12. HELLO,
    MY name is rauna kkumar fathrs name sri mrityunjay jha.mera home purab tola me hai,mujhe lag raha hai ki mai aap sabo ko janta hu.
    please contect me.

    mo. no.-+917488215323

  13. s.karthikraja s/o T.saravanakumar Balagurunathapuram, upparpatti (p.o) theni (d.t) dear sir, my mobile is lost with sim Is 9597408697 So, kindly block that sim card. I have purchase a new airtel sim card.. Accept me request thank you

  14. Hello guys
    I am from Delhi. I am a vodafone user as well as using airtel connection. I had activated 249 plan on my airtel connection as per described according to my requirements. They told me that I would get some free calls as well as the call rates are also cheaper. But don’t know was that just to attract customers or what??? I just filed my complaint to the but is not any hearing there So I just moved for where I again filed my complaint about the very much charged bill amount. Hope to get some help from them ASAP.

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