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I finally got tired of the attention a highly outdated post of mine by the same title was getting. It is really, really outdated. But no amount of comment and warnings from my side seemed to decrease the attention. So, I have decided to post a follow up. I am afraid, however, that all those small little developments do not excite me so much any more. At that time I cared for the fact that allows you to have HTML tags in your title – for God’s sake. I don’t put HTML tags anywhere on my blog posts, any longer, unless absolutely required. I have stopped using all online editors for blog postings. I use the offline editor Zoundry Raven to manage them all. And it has been ages since I did anything with my templates. So, I can’t be as detailed and comprehensive as I was in that post of mine written on September 27, 2005. But at least I would undo some of the harm the outdated comparison might be doing to the blogging platform enthusiasts today. Let’s keep it in update style. Please read these side-by-side with the old post.

  • Categories: now supports tags, which can be listed on the sidebar. I personally like to differentiate between categories and tags, but I guess tags work fine for many people. I still like to have categories as well as tags. now supports both together. For those feeling lost, categories according to me are pre-meditated. You know you write in certain broad categories, each of which would have a substantial number of posts – in general. Tags, on the other hand, are more spontaneous. Think of them as keywords, which help people search for the right post. For example “Movies” is a good categories for my posts related to movies. But “Shahid Kapoor” is better left as a tag and not a category. I’d like to have both. So, still wins.
  • Templates: now provides the ability to edit CSS as a paid upgrade and provides a neat drag-and-drop interface to arrange the elements in the template. They both have evolved. But with direct HTML access to template, still remains the thing for template enthusiasts!
  • File Upload: There still isn’t a generic file upload functionality in, which is there in But you can upload images and videos in too, which might suffice for a lot of people.
  • Password protect post: Still not available in
  • Multi-user capabilities: has caught up very well. One user can have multiple blogs and multiple authors can be there on one blog.
  • HTML Editor: As I mentioned, I am no longer an active user of online editors. So, can’t comment much. However, the support for transliteration in editor would be a good news for Indian Language bloggers.
  • Display of Hindi Text when it is justified by default: I guess that still remains a problem with But this is more of a browser problem and let’s hope that with Firefox 3, this is a forgotten issue.
  • Rendering of smileys as images: I think still does not do it.
  • Features like excerpt etc. in I still don’t use them.
  • Features like “recover post” in online editor is still not there is I guess, but I am no longer an active user. So, please check out for yourself.
  • Interface of has evolved and is pretty good now.
  • Homepage of has also evolved and is good now.
  • Search I think is not a major differentiator in the two platforms.
  • is far ahead of in spam management for comments.
  • Area for “managing posts” in has improved and is at par with others now.
  • There still isn’t an in-built mechanism for site-tracking in has innovated a lot on this front.
  • Finally – has evolved a lot, added a lot of features not described here, primarily because I don’t use them much. But is good for my requirements now and I am going to stick around. Anyway, still does not let import posts from other systems. So, there is no question of going back with 703 posts in this blog 🙂 My poetry blog is hosted on though. Mostly to keep in touch with the platform.

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  1. Also, doesn’t allow users to add their own javascript while does. I guess this cuts down on advertising and malicious activity on wordpress, but as a result you can’t put third party widgets on a blog.

  2. One thing you have certainly forgotten and I dont blame you, I can post 100 blogs at Word Press and still come out as fragrant as a bouquet of roses , or post 200 blogs in a single day at Flickr and not be treated as positive spam.
    I have discontinued using blogger because of its ancient archaic tool called Word Verification, to be spelled as Word Villification.An insult to incoriggible bloggers like me.
    I think Matt and his automatic team have done wonders , opened new vistas, even the new dassh board that I was initially unhappy with is a blessing in disguise.I am not as net savvy as you are but I think all websites should be blogger friendly and make things easier at our end..
    this is what matters .. Blogger Word Press Flickr
    It is a Bloggers World ..
    Take Care

  3. I had considered going to Blogger but during the trialimg it out period I kept getting error messages while making layout changes. Eventually the error became permanent & I could no longer access my blog. Not even by just typing the URL into my browser without even being logged in. WordPress dashboard is definitely more user friendly especially for keeping track of comments you leave on other’s blogs. I’m at WordPress to stay. 🙂

  4. Having started out at Blogger and then moving to WordPress, I think WordPress is better in many ways. The reason I left Blogger is because of the constant outages of service and non-existent customer support.

    I also have grown to like the new WordPress dashboard, in blue, not that awful pink default scheme.

  5. On WordPress is easier to keep track of comments, and I like that the best.

    I just wish wordpress would allow adsense, and then I would shift over completely from blogger:)

  6. Features like “recover post” in online editor is still not there is I guess, but I am no longer an active user. So, please check out for yourself.

    Well, WordPress has that feature too. Your post is periodically saved to drafts as and when you are typing it in the online editor. 🙂

    My experience with blogger was really short-lived. I probably had my blog there for a whole two days! 😛 I’m not interested in making money with my personal blog, so, adsense or ad-non-sense really does not matter much to me. And about editing templates, wordpress has a very decent collection of good templates and also an option for a paid upgrade to edit CSS. So, unless you crave to differ in the way your blog looks, it shouldn’t really bother. I believe, though looks matter, what you write in your blog matters more. 🙂

    Just my 2 cents. Have a good day! 🙂

  7. woohoo – looks like I am getting all the fans here. I am not recommending or anything. My post just intends to be an objective comparison of features.

    Btw, Manoj: I don’t think online editor automatically saves the posts. I might be wrong, but that’s what my impression is.

  8. Hi Jaya,

    Yes your draft is auto saved every minute while it is an unpublished draft. If you publish the draft and make changes, you have to hit ‘save’.

  9. This is a good informative discussion of the subject. Since different people want different things in a blogging platform, it’s much better to discuss the features and how we use them rather than to just say you like one better than the other.
    I’m just getting started with both: I have a new WordPress blog AND a new Blogger blog. Eventually I’ll consider one of them my primary blog and the other secondary. That probably seems like a strange idea–keeping two blogs–but I think that will let me “wikify” better, building a system of links from one to the other.
    I have discovered that I can’t find my Blogger page by doing a Google blog search, no matter how many of my own keywords I search for. And that means no one else can find my page that way either.
    Eh, blog and learn…
    Thanks for a great blog!

  10. I think Blogger and WordPress are about the game. Being able to dramatcially alter your Blogger blog craps all over WordPress’ CSS editor. Even when you pay to upgrade and use the CSS editor – you can’t overhaul your blog to the extent you can on Blogger because you don’t have access to any HTML. You can’t even do small things like add a footer or a fav icon. Plus, WordPress’s categories link to tags in posts. The categories only seem to collate the posts together when you access them from a widget, which I find off.

    WordPress’ dashboard is far superior to Blogger’s and th i nline comments are nice because it’s more encouraging and enticing to comment from a commentors’ point of view, plus it keeps the aesthetic traits of the blog instead of linking to some horrid Blogger themed form.

    Whichever way you weight it up, I think and Blogger are about the same.

  11. I was looking for blogs all over to see which was better, and once the list came down to wordpress and blogger, I found this wonderful post on this.

    I was looking for a blog to move out all my Facebook blog entries (FB blogs really suck x 1,000,000). Seems like there is much support and compatibility on FB with wordpress than with blogger, so I’ll go with wordpress.

    Thanks Jaya and everybody else for posting such useful information! 🙂

  12. The world is amazing -> If I wrote above comment one day later the date would show in the future (2009), cause I am in Poland and now is 20:51 30.12.2008 .

  13. Blogger is not good because of giving too much freebies and uses an interface that isn’t in Google style (the interface is more “Google-like” in Blogger in draft). Also, the pages are messed up because THEY DON’T HAVE CATEGORIES!!!!

  14. Tried both, but I think Blogger is better (at least for me) as it gives the ultimate feature I was looking for “customizing”. I was sick of WordPress’s default free themes (and yes, I didn’t want to pay 😛 ).
    So, Blogger here scores hands on over WordPress. And as far as free blogs are concerned, Blogger is way ahead than WordPress.

    Nice post anyway.

  15. I don’t know if the designers of FB will see this. I have tried everything I know to try to e-mail them directly, to no avail. I want to know why did FB mess up there pages!!?? I no longer get to see when one of my Mafia War’s family members post a job, I no longer see when someone finds a lost animal in Farm Ville, or any of the other games I play. Facebook, why did you “FIX” something that was not broken!!!!?

  16. I realize that this article is now four years old (more “outdated” than the other “outdated” post). (not to mention Google in general) has undergone a major transformation since this posting was published. It might be worthwhile to post a third update to this update 🙂

    Not sure if it was already mentioned (apologies in advance if so) but it’s worth noting that Blogspot allows for monetizing while (not the self-hosted expressly forbids it. Google even provides a “widget” for its own Ad Sense as well as Amazon Affilates.

    Also, about the commenting system: it is actually possible to install Disqus on to use instead of the standard comment form. Not sure about Gravatar (which I believe is the one below?) but Disqus does allow for OpenID (not sure if Gravatar is an OpenID provider). Read how at

  17. Isn’t there any licensing also needed in WordPress? I think that is how they check on the spurious contents from spoiling their pages. Even they occasionally remind the same to anyone posting any suspected duplicated copy there.

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