Does anybody know anything about ISBR, Bangalore? ( How good is it? A cousin got a call from there and is trying to decide.

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21 thoughts on “ISBR??

  1. hi jaya,

    i am persuing my mba from isbr, bangalore and its truly worth being here.we have all the facilities needed.we have busniness games and psychometric tests which i had never heard before in any instiution..moreover i feel wat i was promised by managemnt, i am being provided..u can also pay a visit here once.

  2. ISBR is just the place for all those who wants to pursue their it a infrastucture..hostel facilities..curriculum..ambience..everything is justsuitable for an MBA aspirant.

  3. hi der……

    heard interview is going on in ISBR, Bangalore for its international PGDBM course and they say, its in association with BEM France dat means one year in india and next year France..dat osunds cool…any idea??

  4. Hi Guys,

    My name is George Varghese.I have just joined ISBR (2008-2010 batch).I was deeply worried before joining ISBR whether i have made the right choice.Now i don’t regret my decision as the facilities that i get there is very good.good and friendly teachers and management.also the hostel is fantastic.its provides star class facilities with swimming pool,wi-fi,good food,good transport facilities,TT,cafeterias,tuck shop,snooker parlour,gym etc.class rooms in the college are air conditined with projectors and totally its good.

    negative sides:you dont have much campus here. we have classes even on saturdays and sometimes even on sundays 😦

    fantastic to be here.


  5. are these for real?? Or are these hired to feed positive(false) feedbacks for an institue which does not picture in any top MBA list anyywhere?

  6. are these for real?? or are these biased/false feedbacks abt a institute which does not features anywhere on top MBA institute lists.. too positive to be real guys..such a good college would not be required to send invites to almost everyone..

  7. hey even i hv got a call frm ISBR..n m way too confused..ppl are givin 2 completely different view points..someone plz help..!

  8. Hi every body Check this institute before joining they promised lot at the time of joining
    We in big batch still we are crying for our Placement
    do not fooled by our classmates they are fake simpliy hikeing the ISBR!!
    Ckeck before you Joining?

  9. hey guys,
    I am a passed out student of ISBR, I was in the first batch of ISBR, the management then was poor, but things have changed a lot, I am in contact with my juniors and they said that things have improved a lot. Today I ahve my own business and I am runing it successfully, Thanks to some of the faculties of ISBR. I can tell u the names of some of the good faculties of ISBR.

    1. Prof Pavan Soni
    2. Prof Sheela Krishna
    3. Prof Radha Krishna
    4. Prof Sarit Kumar
    5. Prof Ramaswamy

    The negative feedback that u r getting is from some of my classmates who didn’t get a proper job because of poor response of previous management. My juniors are getting salaries upto 4 lac in reputed companies such as Goldman sachs. Go ahead, see for urself if u want u can ask the students also.

  10. hi dude.
    chill… me a stud of this coll…. already have got two call letters from cos…

    so join this college if you are a normal candidate and need gd tutors..

    chill….. meet u again

  11. Those who joins here will be fucked like anything….cos im already fucked up…congrats to all new joinees get ready to fuck up…

  12. can anyone tell me about isbr….becoz they gave me a call that u r selected on the basis of snap score….i also gave the interview….they selected me….but after reading all the scrapa that its fake..n i all….i m really confused…can anyone plzzz clear my doubts…

  13. Hey all, I have just written CAT Exam in this college at Bangalore. It was one of the CAT Center and believe me this college is really good. Has very good Infra, It had 2 huge Auditoriums, Amphi Theater, Separate Sports & Canteen Block, Library was very huge and too good.

    I have also received good feedback from Seniors who were currently studying there. Rather it is an AICTE Approved College too.

    I will suggest you should visit this college than making decision here to know it better.


    • Well I see some of the my friends looks fucked up.. Well to me my college is good it helped me a lot in all ways. We had nice faculty, placements, activities & Corporate Exposure..

      Some of my friends who were not serious through out their 2 year and become serious when placement time came, really got fucked up and they even feel jealous of us and college.

      I have only one suggestion for those better blame urself before blaming anyone. Coz i know you guys very well 🙂

  15. Presidency college is providing best education for the students. Conducting campus interview with lots of MN C’s, 99 % students placed over there. So only Presidency comes in Top 10 MBA colleges in Bangalore.

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