Taare Zameen Par

If it weren’t made by Aamir Khan, people would have dismissed it as a well intentioned, but superficial movie. Like Advani and Shahid Kapoor I also cried in the movie. Because it does take an insider’s look at the childhood, not just the problem of dyslexia.

However, the movie has its shortcomings. Most of these are mentioned in this review. Some of my observations (which may be a repetition from the review linked above):

  • The part of the child’s sufferings has been stretched too much, while the part where the problem is actually being dealt with has too little in it.
  • It feels more like an artificial case-study in dyslexia than a movie around it. Things have changed in the most simplistic manner – one conversation with the principal and its done! No further resistance, no further problems, no other support needed!
  • Having that huge Art Mela – just to get the boy a first prize was unnecessary. There could have been a more subtle way to get him recognized. The competition, that has been derided initially by Aamir’s character, becomes the ultimate test for his success with the child – not quite in the spirit. But probably goes down the throats of common parents better, if you don’t try to redefine the scale of excellence.

So, once again – I think the success and critical acclaim of the movie is to some extent a result Aamir’s presence factor!

But nonethless, a real sincere and good attempt. I’d look forward to further directorial adventures from Aamir. I don’t grudge the commercial success of this movie at all 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Taare Zameen Par

  1. The movie “Apna Aasman” has become a documentary one and “Tare Zameen Par” received great applause. People need spicy touch and commercial elements to accept emotional feelings. Also, the movie shows a weak line between the mother and the child in understanding, which is unacceptable.


  2. Child’s suffering part was important for the story.Apart from the points mentioned, there was one other by which the movie failed it’s own objective. It shows him as having a hidden talent, but what if he had none?? It ended up giving up this lesson that if your child is not good in (say) Maths, then try Arts. As the blogger wrote, there was no need for that first prize stuff. In anycase, it was not a educative documentary and as a commercial movie, it was one of the best in few years.

  3. It would have more better if child were a girl. But unfortunately, so far we don’t have female equivalent of Alexander, Einstien, Gandhi, Lincon, Leonardo Da Vinci… We already have so many great great people in males. Now we need great people among females. It May be you :))

  4. How about female equivalents of Hitler, Mussolini, Aurangzeb, Osama Bin Laden.. ? Bhagwan ke diye dimaag ka thoda to istamaal karo bhai.. !

  5. Kahan se ho bhai? – I commented on the movie. Movie was not made on Hitler. Movie was made on the positive aspect of society like scientists, painter etc. So the question of Hitler doesn’t arise here. Advent of Hitler is a separate topic. You know what – Hitler wanted to be a painter. But art school rejected him many times. Just like Ishan Awasthi. Don’t balme a person unless you know the full story.

  6. Man. That was one factor. There are many other factors too. Do you want me to state all the factors which caused the raise of Hitler? I think we are going out of context. Jaya Ji’s blog is getting spammed 🙂 In case your are further interested in a debate on this, please email me at shubh.mishra@gmail.com asserting your propositions on Hitler. Because, Hitler/Musollini/Marx/Engels/Communism/Lenin/Stalin/Roosevelt/Jews/Nazism/WW2 is a huge topic. Discussing them here on this blog is not a nice idea.

    I understand what you are pointing. But there are many other things also.

    End from my side.

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