Jab We Met

I don’t know how Moser Baer managed to do this, but they have rights for “Jab We Met” and are selling the CDs for 34 Rs. Well – I could not resist, especially when getting the tickets in multiplexes at short notice is difficult even now. And the movie was recommended by several people.

So, how is it? There is nothing new in it. It is your typical teen-age fantasy – a handsome, intelligent, gentlemanly, wise, but serious guy from an influential background, gets charmed by the witty, talkative, careless, lively girl from a modest background and finds a new way to live his successful life. A sweet story is what it is called. Yeah – nothing ground-breaking about the story, but when done beautifully, it can not fail to charm you. It was like “Kaagaz ka Phool” (movie) and “Pride and Prejudice” (book). The movie is well done and hence a must watch. I would not analyze it further. This reluctance to analyze is different from the kind that I had for “Rang De Basanti“. I did not want to analyze “Rang De Basanti”, because the story was such that I did not find it worth fighting over any minor implementation details. With “Jab We Met”, the impact of watching it is so sweet and soothing, its such a feel-good movie, that analyzing it would spoil all the fun.

My five favourite scene from the movie (in the order in which they appeared in the movie)

  • The scene at “Hotel Decent”, where Geet (Karina Kapoor) insists on talking to the person at hotel counter herself and takes the room on an “hourly basis” without realizing what the guy is thinking and Aditya (Shahid Kapoor), after initial irritation, can not resist getting amused and starts playing along with the hotel guy.
  • The scene in the bus after the “Hotel Decent” affair, where Geet suggests that Aditya should run away with her cousin and he starts arguing that he should instead run away with Geet and save more troubles. At the end he asks “तुम हमेशा ही इतनी बकवास करती हो या आज कोई ख़ास बात है।” to which she replies that she does it all the time, but what about him. And Aditya, amused, tells her, “नहीं, मेरा first time है”
  • The scene where Aditya meets Geet in Shimla near the school where she’s teaching and she tries to pretend as if everything is fine. And Aditya, still smiling, suddenly tells her “Geet, तुमने मुझे बहुत hurt किया है”. And later in the same scene, when she accuses him of thinking that he has a chance with her and he should clearly understand that it’s not the case. Without showing any change in emotions, or any feelings of getting hurt, he replies “समझ गया, ध्यान रखूँगा। अब चलें?”
  • The scene in the hotel where after abusing Anshuman over the phone, Geet feels much better and suddenly hugs Aditya. His hand first falls on the table for balancing and then he can not resist holding her.
  • The scene in the train, where Geet asks Aditya, “मैं तुझे बहुत पसंद हूँ ना?” And he replies, without hesitation, “बहुत। बहुत अच्छी लगती हो तुम मुझे। लेकिन वो मेरा problem है।”

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2 thoughts on “Jab We Met

  1. Heh, loved the movie. Watched it twice. In the hall.

    One scene which I found immensely funny is where Ashutosh is standing in a towel and says “Yeh saale launde mujhe ganne ke khet dikhana chahte hain…”!

  2. happend to watch this movie lately in PVR 10 pm show. The scenes in which Karina knowingly kisses Shahid when Ashutosh and that Sardar groom watching them from behind was hilarious too.

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