Watched Bhool-Bhulaiya a while back. There was something about the film, which I can’t exactly describe; but which made me feel that this was a badly made movie with a nice concept. I don’t know what it is, but I kept feeling that the movie was loose, that the point was being missed. Was the humour overdone? Was the acting lacking? Was the concept not convincing? Was it shot badly? Was it edited badly? I don’t know. Could have been any of these, or something totally different, but something was lacking. I’d still say it’s worth a watch. At least does not disappoint you like “Kaal”, rather has some explanation of mysteries.

One thing that totally did not strike the right chord was Akshaya Kumar’s use of a environment of “tona-totka” to deal with his patient. It seemed like an unnecessary step to bring in the guruji at the end, who was peacefully there in London for the rest of the movie. Mixing of psychiatry and guruji’s mysticism was not convincing.

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3 thoughts on “Bhool-Bhulaiya

  1. I accept, mixing of psychiatry and guruji’s mysticism was not convincing. I saw the tamil version of this movie. In Tamilnadu, the movie was a hit because of the Joker, Heroin and the superstar.

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