Buy Flying Bird’s book

IMPORTANT: The book is not available through at . I no longer ship the copies from my home.

Another addition. You can now buy Flying Bird’s poems as a book. All the poems are available on the blog linked here.

Book Information

Name: दो शब्द तुम्हारे लिए (Transliterated: Do Shabd Tumhare Liye; Translated: Couple of words for you)
Genre: Love Poetry
Number of poems: 66
Language: Hindi
Writer: Chooses to remain anonymous
How to read it for free: The poems are all available on A Journey.
Pic of the cover


Please note that Anamika is not the name of the person 🙂 It just means that the book is anonymous.

Price of the book is Rs. 80.

For shipping within Bangalore, shipping charges are Rs. 25.

For shipping outside Bangalore, shipping by courier can cost up to 80 Rs. You can choose to have registered parcel from our good old Indian post. Shipping charges in that case will be Rs. 38.

If you are interested, please contact me.

For payment, please mention if you have an ICICI Bank or Citibank account? If so, you can electronically transfer to my account. Else, you could drop a cheque in one of the ATMs, if you are in Bangalore. Otherwise you will have to send me a draft/cheque payable in Bangalore.

And while you are buying this one, you can continue to buy mine too…


16 thoughts on “Buy Flying Bird’s book

  1. Hi Jaya, I’m interested in buying both the books, i have read the poeams and loved them. I’m in Bangalore and i do have a ICICI A/c. Let me have the details. Also I’m hoping if both books acn be couriered in one packet then shipping charges will be just 25 and not 50

  2. He he. Right Utsuk. Kishore: Nice to have a fan in you, but am a little bit disappointed that you did not get my name right 😀 Just kidding, but my name is Jaya Jha, I am not 25, I will have to starve to weigh 45 Kgs, and I don’t own a Bunglow :O

  3. Ouch…:-( Not a problem let us be good pen friends…..Jha is your family name right? I would like to have your suggestions on few things…

    I wanted to do a distant education in any of the IIMs. Iam a s/w engg. Can you tell me, if the executive management course offered as distant education by IIM(1 year)is good or not. How about the weightage of this course compared to other IIM regular/distant courses in management in job market?

    Also suggest a course and a good IIM institute for distant education that may better suit me. My amibition is to move high in the ladder as a delivery excellence.

  4. Hillo Hillo…who will write the next post? I have been reminding u this now for sometime. though i relish this job of reminder.!!

  5. i read sum of ur poems. they r really good…keep it up….but, at the sametime i want to thank the budding poet,Mr. Anirban Kar, who made me a shayeris n poems admirer through his glorious compositions.if possible plz go through the blog
    and feel free to comment on his shayeris in his literary journey!
    warm regards..

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