And once again…

…someone who has died was Netaji!! If Chandra Shekhar Azad refused to get captured by the British, Netaji refuses to die – plane crash etc. not withstanding.

Earlier Commissions namely Shahnawaz Commission, made by Nehru and Khosla Commission, made by Indira Gandhi had conveniently concluded that he indeed died in the plane crash over Taiwan on August 18, 1945. However, one of the members of Shahnawaz Commission was the elder brother of Netaji and he had written a minority report against the death-in-plane-crash theory. This was supposedly never published. Khosla Commission report was rejected by the then in power Morarji Desai’s government, in light certain “contemporary official documents”. Some people point tothe book “Netaji – Dead or Alive?” by ex-MP, late Shri Samar Guha. In that book, it seems, the plane crash story has been thrashed badly. Last year Mukherjee Commission submitted the report investigating the same mystery. They categorically said that the plane crash never happened. Taiwanese government, it seems, has been saying so for quite sometime. But the report was rejected by the UPA government giving no particular reasons for doing so!

I would not form a very strong opinion based on what is available on the net, but that the issue refuses to die can not just be attributed to the sensationalist media or some vested political interests. Hardly any powerful political party is actively interested in this. But theories and evidences abound. In fact, it seems (from what I read in some of the news articles) that home ministry refused to produce certain documents before the Mukherjee Commission citing reasons like it’d tarnish Bose’s image and that making them public may sour relationship with friendly countries etc. After all these years – government still has something to hide… Pray what?? Don’t we have a right to know? I wonder if RTI Act could be used to dig some of these documents, lying hidden in the government machinery since Nehru’s time. In fact there were several documents that the commission had access to only because British and American governments have declassified them now. With them, it seems, the finger clearly gets lifted towards Nehru and later his successors in power. What were they afraid of all through? Was it just a question of power in the country? Was there something more? Exactly what?

Mukherjee Commission Report is available at

While the latest claim of the man from MP sounds like an attempt to gain cheap publicity by some villagers, the hermit from Faizabad theory does raise questions. Again, its really difficult to say that of all the things that are available on the net/news, how many are the facts, how many fabrications, and how many manipulations to prove a theory/increase cuirculation. But one thing is sure. There is a mystery and a mystery whose solution the citizens of India have a right to know. And if Netaji indeed did not die in a crash and had to live a life of misery and sufferings anywhere – Russia/India/Chine/Wherever else – those responsible at least owe an apology. Time can not be brought back, but if someone is responsible, the blame has to be fixed. Before its too late the correct the history, something needs to be done.

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11 thoughts on “And once again…

  1. I don’t understand why subhash chandr bose was so great. He joined hands with someone like hitler. How come he is so admired in india. Can you explain that??

  2. Just curious from the way you have worded your question – are you an Indian?

    Well – to answer your question, I think people in India understand that his “joining” hands with Hitler did not mean he stood for Nazi principles. He was only dedicated to the freedom of the country and wanted to use every possible means for that. It wasn’t about joining hands with Hitler. It was about joining hands with your enemy’s enemy. Whether his judgment that it’d be possible for him to use axis powers to defeat British in India and still India would not need to succumb to them was too naive can be debated. But most people, me included, do not suspect his intentions and motivation.

    On a more personal level, I feel that he was one of the earliest feminists in India who thought it possible to give the women equal responsibilities too. I can not think of a parallel to the Women’s regiment in INA. And linking it to Hitler thing, if you have read Hitler’s view on women’s role in society, you’d know that it was as far as it could be from what INA represented.

  3. Yes, I am Indian 🙂 What’s wrong with my wordings??

    A first, “joining” hand with enemy’s enemy is not an intelligent approach. One should be careful in choosing friends. Hitler couldn’t be trusted in any account. He had betrayed Russians and broke many other treaties. If he would have won the war, There was no reason for which He would let India remain free. So, I see subhash chandra bose a short sighted man. No reason to call him great.

    I understand that Subhash had any interest in Nazi thinking. May be his feminist approach is admirable. I know nothing about that.

    But my question still remains what he did for so much admiration??

  4. well, why not answer this? What wrong apart from asking help from Hitler, even if we grant that, he did that you have forgotton all the sacrifices he made for his country? Well, let us list down:
    1. He left ICS services for which he was selected. Many did.
    2. He was a big social worker who worked at the front line in floods and epidemics in Bengal. Many did.
    3. He was strong in his principles and always put his ego after him. He left the post of president of congress when Gandhi ji objected to it to avoid the ugly scene.
    4. He was courageous, intelliget and innovative. He fled from the house arrest, travelled through out the world during WWII, believed and executed the plan of militry offensive to get the independence.

    If you are going to say that many did these things and why only Neta ji is very famous, there are two answers. One that is how history played out and second I don’t think sacrifices can be compared. It is not important how much he gave, what is important is that he gave everything he had.

  5. It’s very wrong to represent his acts as sacrifice. It is his will and desire to do something and he did. Treating them as sacrifice is ridiculing the idea of action (As Gita says). Let’s take Einstein, he must have sacrificed many sleepless nights to find relativity. We shouldn’t treat his actions as sacrifice and nobody does it. Subhash never made sacrifices; He acted on his will to achieve something. His failure at the end doesn’t justify them as sacrifice. As Nehru did similar actions but he achieved to be prime minister of free India. So, nobody treats his acts as sacrifice. I hope i am clear with my point.

    Subhash acted. And here i am trying to evaluate his actions. My objective is not to defame him. I just want to have our roll model with reasons. If someone gets such a respected position with not doing great things then somewhere something is wrong…….

  6. You have been given the answers. You are not satisfied. Fair Enough. Do not consider him great. Others are. Let them consider him great! If somebody wants to continue the debate, I have no problems. But I am not continuing it.

  7. Well, so according to your definition of sacrifice, I am unable to find anybody who sacrificed. Gandhi sacrificed? Well he also did what he wanted to do ! And Nehru didn’t sacrifice because he became PM after independence? What kind of a statement is that? I thought most of the people considered Nehru to have sacrificed quite a lot for the country and its independence.

    Please clearify this for me. So according to you sacrifice should be something that is not done according to one’s will? And how many people you know follow Gita anyway? I would consider someone following that faithfully to have enough reasons to become a roll model.

  8. . In last comment I didn’t put my point very well.

    Yes! I think no action of these men should be called sacrifice. It is all about your perspective. One can be completely disagree with me. But, I am really against doing any sacrifice. You should do something because you think that it is correct thing to do.

    I made Nehru’s example to clarify it but it turned out it was incorrect example.

    I quoted gita because is says similar things to the point I am trying to make.

    These men can make mistakes, solve problems, and take bold decisions but no sacrifices. My argument is only that if subhash did make mistakes. Then it should be critically said that he made mistakes. Simple!!

    Not a blind admiration of a GHOST.

    As owner of this blog didn’t like the discussion so I will not comment anymore.

  9. I couldn’t resist myself asking have you ever gave up some personal belonging, any personal posession in return for a bigger, better cause probably for which relevant for a big chunk of mass in general or bigger than that. Swami Vivekanand did it for us indians, Jesus did it for all who believed in him likewise Subhash Bose also did it for India like Gandhi did it for NonViolence . And even in Mahabharata Bhishm Pitamah did sacrifice his life for Kouravas knowingly that is not the correct thing .

    The “correct thing” is misleading word, what is correct in your logic may not be correct to me or people in general. And the one which is correct for everyone else when followed leaving personal gain or pleasure is called Sacrifice .

    Your comments are probably more confusing than the sites title itself ( the person who originally commented this ” miles to go before i sleep” has probably taken india more back than forward, which unfortunately costed india more than anything and still costing[ burning kashmir problem]) . A hundred thousand word and still it could be incomplete for the ignorant .

    Thanks .

  10. Umm… as far as “miles to go…” is concerned, that was Robert Frost. I do not know what did he have to do with India going backward 🙂

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