The hell that is Blue Dart

Update: Lol! As if they were waiting for me to crib on this blog 😀 Almost as soon as I had finished publishing it, door-bell rung. And you got it right 😀 It was the Blue Dart guy. Gosh! I forgot to ask his name 😀

I wish they promised less. I might have been disappointed, but would not have blamed them.

Okay – so this is how it went. Had applied for a citibank credit card. As it happened that between applying and actually getting the card, the communication address I had given as the primary address had changed. Well – I thought the card will go back. A hassle. So, I decided to check up with their local office. Probably I could pick it up from there. But no. Its a credit card and they can not deliver it over the counter. Well, a pain for me. But understandable as a security measure. I ask him, if they can give me a call before delivering, so that I could be at the address given there and pick it up. But wow! They suggest something better. There is an alternative address given by the citibank (so kind of you citibank!!). That was my residential address and it hadn’t changed. It’d be great. But I may not be at home when the delivery is done. So, can they call up before delivery, so that I am there. Well, they have something even better.

“We can do a delivery in the morning.”

“Before 9.30?”


Wow! That’s called customer-friendliness. I am almost delighted. So, I am given the mobile number of a person, whom I am supposed to call up next morning around 8. He’d do the delivery.”

Elated I go back, call this person in the morning. He is rather outright about it that the delivery can not be done in the morning. I felt like a fool. What the hell!! One person says this, the other that. Anyway, I told him the situation and asked him whether he can give me a call before delivering. He was like he will first confirm that alternative address is there and then give me a call. I told him it is there becuase I got to know about it in their office itself. But anyway. He can confirm and give me a call. Later in the day, when I still received no call, I called him back. And he did not seem to remember a bit of what we talked in the morning!! So, I give him the waybill number etc. again, tell him the whole story again and then he hands over the phone to a lady, who did not know anything about it and I had to tell her the whole story once again. Great! 4 times already, and twice to the same person. She listens to it, asks me to hold and starts talking to some people around it. I can hear the sounds in the background, for a while they seem to be discussing this and then something totally different, oblivious of the fact that they have kept me online all this while. Frustrated I kept the phone and shooted a mail to their customer care centre through their website. Their reply was rather prompt, apologizing for the problem. The mail said that it has been forwarded to the relevant office and the delivery will be done at my residential address the next day. And it has been forwarded to the concerned manager to ensure that such incidences are not repeated again. Not at all bad. Only if I get the delivery the next day. It was a saturday. Fine, I decide to sacrifice any potential weekend plans. After all it is also my problem that the primary address has changed. And it being a saturday I do not have worry about the office. I wait for the whole day. No communications from their side. I shoot another mail to customer care. Finally around 7.30 in the evening, I get a call from a land line. The name the person tells me is the same whom I was asked to contact in the very beginning on his mobile. He asks about the address. He is confused about the locality. I tell him where it is. And then he asks whether I will be at home the next day. (Its a sunday!). I said I will be. He promises to deliver it before afternoon. This is the sunday. I waited till 2 ‘o clock. Finally decided to call the person on the mobile. And guess what! He absolutely denies having called me up yesterday. And says that its a holiday and the office is closed. What the hell!! Even I know its a sunday (which was wasted waiting for you, along with the saturday), but you yourself tell me it will be delivered today and now you make me feel like a fool again. Is there some serious naming-the-person issue in this company??

God! At one point of time I wished the card would somehow get delivered to save the hassles. Once I have the card, changing the address is easier. It can be done even online. Now, I heartily wish they’d send the card back, let the bank contact me and sort out the issue.

May God save me from being a consignee of a packet coming through blue dart ever again.Only if they promised less, I’d have resigned to it getting returned in the very beginning instead of waiting for it till now. Will they at least send it back fast?

And Bluedart management – before you make promises for God’s sake make sure the people who are supposed to deliver are aware of that. And please… they should not have this bad a memory problem. I call him up in the morning and he forgets about it by the noon. He himself calls me up in the evening and then forgets about it in the morning. Terrible. I know, he’d have many packets to deliver. But this isn’t the first service provider I am interacting with. And I have never faced anything like that before. He behaves as if he is doing some kind of favour to the company by being there.

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13 thoughts on “The hell that is Blue Dart

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  2. hmmmmm .. recently I also experienced similar situation with Bluedart and Hutch. I’m still waiting for my SIM to get delivered. First Hutch made me fool then Bluedart. Bluedart cannot deliver the SIM to my office address even I’m showing them my passport and PAN card. And they also cannot deliver it to the uncle who resides in adjecent flat. Bluedart is hell.

  3. They will follow all the rules in the world while delivering but they will forget their own rules in the mean time.

    I think they are perfect assholes.

  4. Hi,
    I would like to share a very similar experience. I had made a request to upgrade my existing Credit card to HDFC Bank. Now my application was accepted and I was sent a SMS stating that tha card has been dispatched and I will be receiveing it shortly. But tha bank didnt mention the AWB No. Four working days passed but I dint receive the card. So I called up HDFC and they told me that thay can request Blue Dart to deliver it on Saturday(As I have Saturdays as Offs). But surprisingly the card wasnt delivered. Then again i made a call to customer care of the HDFC Bank and this time I was assured that the card will be delivered on Monday. As I stay alone I decided to take a leave on Monday so that I can receive the card with no hasstle. But to my surprised the card wasnt delivered.So I waited till 1 PM and then called up HDFC CUSTOMER CARE, and this time they told me that Blue Dart can only deliver it on Tuesday!!!!!! So I got frustated and went to the nearest Blue Dart Centre. They informed me that it wont be possible for them to Track the shipment without the AWB No. Now my question is who is to be blamed? HDFC Bank or Blue Dart?

  5. just now i faced the problem with blue dart, Actually i have to receive my citibank credit card through blue dart as all you know they didnt deliver to me till now the reason what they said is they dont know how to contact me in my office because they doesnt have my mobile number.

    When they cant deliver domestic. what they do in international.

    One thing i pledge to citibank that never send anything through blue dart and waste our time.

  6. Well, i am also ahving probz with blue dart.I have ordered an xbox 360. The Sender gave correct adress but BlueDart says first that the delivery boy first came and find its wrong address and then he says there is only half of my name provided in the address that is Shauryadeep C. Now i got angry at them. The address provided was correct ,cant they retrive correct address from the courier office. And then Sunday is a holiday for them and i willprobably recieve it on monday if they dont forget the address again.

  7. Blue dart make promise and deliver.I have recently courried an important document to UK on 29.09.08 and it was delivered on 1st oct 08 as promised and thus relieved me of anxiety.I must congratulate people behind the scene.

  8. Very True..
    These banks/courier guys are upto something I think..

    So far, these courier guys have eaten up a lot of my money and time.. not to mention the missing CCs…

    Blue Dart took more than 4 months to deliver my HDFC CC, and it’s been more than 10 months, and I haven’t yet received the PIN..

    The same courier service, has NOT YET delivered my HSBC CC – its been 6 months..

    For the past week, they’ve been calling me to track ME, so that they can deliver my StanChart CC, but I’m still waiting..

    Is it just me, or is there some kind of a racket going on in Bangalore ???

  9. My AWB – 58096369590 and it contains a DELL laptop. Thinking of sending it thru BLUE DART for safe and sure delivery. I shipped it from Bangalore on 8th Jan 2010 for HPR (Hoshiarpur). But the shipment didn’t reach still on 15th Jan 2010. After chasing with customer care, got to know that shipment is missing. Still they are unable to trace where the shipment is. Could you pls take any action accordingly. All the necessary paperwork and shipment value was declared at the time of shipment.

    I contacted the Hoshiarpur branch (Mr. Bajwa) he is telling that it is missed and we received only Papers. On arguing with him that how the shipment was missed he said the labor guys are not Phd degree holders…so it’s missed, you do whatever you want.

    This was not expected from courier giant like BLUE DART… how far the claim is true??? if we donot deliver, money will be returned…but here full shipment is missing…. pls trace the shipment at the earliest.


  10. BlueDart, The worst liars that I know of in courier service. There were multiple occasions when I got packages coming together for me at their local office; It will be a surprise to know that they give personal ATTENTION to each packages and handle it differently. Both will be delayed for sure, after delaying [with the Tracking history full of lies] they will deliver one package and send back other package to sender saying “Consignee’S Address Unlocatable/Landmark Needed” OR “Consignee’S Address Incorrect”. Every time the customer care will reply saying they have escalated to the management and operations head of the area.

    I do not know if it is the same at all locations or ONLY with the BlueDart office at Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore.

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