Back to back…

A back to back failure of Agni and GSLV can never create the gloom that back to back blasts in Srinagar and Mumbai create. I sometimes feel very awkward about it. Over the years, we seem to have grown so used to blasts and violence in J&K that it hardly disturbs us to hear of another one. And the place is so cut-off from the lives of many of us (not all I know) that there is no rush to make frantic phone calls to confirm the safety of friends and relatives. But Mumbai makes a difference. And yet – even Mumbai blasts are becoming a generic term now. Now we have to refer to Mumbai Blasts – 1993, Mumbai Blasts – 2003 and Mumbai Blasts – 2006!!

What to say? Enough has been said about the absurdity and inhumanity of these incidents, about the spirit of Mumbai, about the solidarity Mumbaikers. There is no denying of all that. I just wish to add a tear-drop for Kashmir. The blasts their can not referred by even the years. Its there everyday, right?

I had written this long back –

अपनों की आवाज़ की अवहेलना तो पशु भी नहीं करता,
तो क्या तुम्हें इंसान की पुकार में अपनापन नहीं मिलता?

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3 thoughts on “Back to back…

  1. Latest research indicates that it’s the power laws instead of gaussian distribution which governs the terrorist-attacks…just like in case of the markets,look at the frequency with which there are these stupendous 200 pt falls in BSE nowadays. A lot of fascinating interdisciplinary research in these and related fields is currently on…

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