It’s served boneless ma’m…

Its nice to be served boneless fish in the restaurant. I’m not so sure a boneless Prime Minister is much of a delicacy. This article puts it very nicely –

Failure in full Strength

I particularly liked the following

Finally, the country seems in no mood to digest all those stories about serial unhappiness at Race Course Road. We heard that the PM was “unhappy” with Natwar Singh but he, nevertheless, issued him a clean chit on the Volcker Report. He was “unhappy” that his HRD Minister started another quota war but he hasn’t moved his little finger to check the future onrush of divisive legislation. And now he is said to be “unhappy” and “anguished” that the DMK, backed by the Communists, has made a monkey of all plans to raise resources without imposing crippling new taxes. So severe was his distress that whereas M Karunanidhi asked for status quo on Neyveli Lignite, the Prime Minister ended up putting all divestment on hold.

And as if symbolically after 12 consecutive successful launches by ISRO, INSAT 4C/GSLV goes bust. And that too right on the day after Agni failure. No, no – I am not claiming that government had much to do with these. But the climate of the country seems to get only gloomier. If government played its part in it, other things like this are not sparing us either.

The memories of the day when this government had taken over and when I felt pretty good about the people at the helm of affairs (except for Mr. L. P. Yadav), mock me today. Somehow, Railways have rather flourished under the rule I am told. Even if it is so only by the non-intervention of the minister. May be other ministers should have taken some lessons from there (Dr. Ramadoss for example??). I can not help quoting a friend’s reaction on the recent-most AIIMS drama (sacking of the director):

A person decorated with India’s third highest civilian honour, one of the most famous cardiac surgeons of the country, first one to perform a heart transplant in India can be humiliated by a 37 years old minister, who doesn’t have credentials even for his own domain (was indicted in the party of his father few weeks before he became minister, has never won an election, was inducted into Rajyasabha after becoming minister).

Thanks to HC for putting a stay order, but I feel more and more worried about it. Of the three wings of governance – legislative, executive and judiciary – only one that we can still sort of look up to appears to be the judiciary. But isn’t that likely to get dangerous? After all, there was a balance of power envisaged when the three wings were conceived. It’s not at all healthy that judiciary needs to almost take over legislative and executive functions. And given the situation, they can not be blamed either.

I haven’t lived too long a life probably, I haven’t seen too much of the world probably and yet there are things I have seen. And I have seen them getting ridiculous. But such a series of ridiculousness seems unprecedented in my memory. They aren’t even thinking about their self-interest many a times. They are outrightly foolish.

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