AIIMS Director sacked…

AIIMS Director Venugopal sacked, docs go on strike

This government will end up doing only one of the two things for this country with its autocratic behaviour. Either it will awaken the youth towards their political role or it will put an end to the democracy and stable governance here.

If I have to analyze and discuss it, I do not have heart for it.

If I have to vent out my emotional feelings, I do not have enough swear words in my memory.

Down with Ramadoss and the likes of him.

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2 thoughts on “AIIMS Director sacked…

  1. On awakening the youth towards their political role…

    Are there bad people in politics or is it the politics (the political system) which makes them bad (filters good ones out of it)?

    Good people should come to power to clean up the system but the system does not allow good people to come to power. A catch-22 situation.

    On putting an end to democracy…
    Which democracy?

  2. It is impossible to cleanse politics in any country, at any time, for any people. From romans to the church to Bush to ulema.

    The only solution is creating a fear in politicians where popularity rankings should hang like swords on the leader of the political group. Again, it is a mistake to look at the corrupt minions, one needs to attack the head.

    Easier said than done, but lets assume the youth are awakened and cognizant and all that. What do they choose from? Italy lovers, or modis or tai sena or some muslim group?

    There is no solution. One should be content with the lesser evil, and i think corrupt minority appeasement could not destroy india after 40 years of congress rule, therefore it is still tolerable.

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