Being Cyrus

Not being clear does not mean being subtle. Not by itself. And this is a fact that I very distinctly realized after watching “Being Cyrus”. The purpose of the story is totally lost upon me and several reviews on the Internet are not helping either. Okay, forget the story. Let’s talk of it being different. Why? Is it because it is in English? Is it because the characters are all Parsis? Well… I’ll let that be unanswered (Does that make this post subtle?). Even if it tried to portray the characters from a particular community, I do not think it was able to bring out any subtle nuances related to that community. I do not see a single reason as to why similar characters could not have been developed in the background of any community whatsoever of India, minority or not! Or was it to bring out that Being Parsi is not all about refined and polished lifestyle and elitist culture? If I try to say “yes” to that, I get a feeling that I am unnecessarily trying to see subtlety where none exist. A Mr. and Mrs. Iyer or a Rang De Basanti was far better at conveying subtlety, I’d say. The complexities of human psyche, which can not be put in black and white. With this film, the confusion and to some extent the suspense that builds up in the beginning faces the tragedy of a mediocre climax… And I do not know what kind of internal enlightenment Cyrus gets at the end. He does (or intends to do) for sure!!

All said, I still can not say do not watch the movie. Technically its good enough, though I am not the most technically demanding viewer around. So, I’ll let others comment on that. Acting has been good, except for Dimple Kapadia who has over-acted in trying to show her “off-the-track” nature. And do not know about the cultural or social nuances associated with one of the comparatively closed minority community of India, but at least the dresses and language have been well put for them. With 90 minutes, even if you feel skeptical, it won’t bore you. And then with so many people writing such positive reviews, I’d rather not ask you not to watch it. 😀

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5 thoughts on “Being Cyrus

  1. Hi jaya
    As this is my maiden comment on your blog, so 1st ..Hi, I watched that movie..Being cyrus!After reading the plot i got agog to see so went down.In the entire 90 min. i was ransacking…something what i found out while reading the plot..but unfortunately i didnt find.Here in india,the newly born media, and so called correspondents are just often ready to…ignite anything that could garner people.This is surely a novice way of marketing here in india!

    I m not a regular blogger, you can find that once you will my blog.Sometimes when i get time i just reda blogs and make my comments..thats all.But hope once i get spare time..i will love to enhance my i love writing a lot!

    speak soon


  2. Well Jaya after reading your comments on Being Cyrus, I guess you didnt get the essence of the movie.It has nothing to do with Parsi people per se because as per u they are elitist or more civilised. Homi Adjania,the director of the movie is a Parsi and most likely he could relate to his community better when conceptualising the story.

    Being Cyrus is a beautiful plot set amidst the fight of various human emotions, if u remember Saif Ali is intrigued by all the Sethna family members before he murders them.He is in a state of emotional wreckage, I agree to an extent that the movie could have been less melodramatic.

  3. Of course, I did not understand anything of the movie and as I could not even see the subtlety of human emotions there. But like all opinions, this too, is a very personal one.

    I was not saying that bringing out anything about the Parsi Community *was* a purpose of the movie. I was only generating hypotheses and rejecting them because I can not see the intended point anywhere.

  4. Technically the movie is far better than most movies this year except RDB (which is the best this year so far).

    I think “Being Cyrus” fails to live upto expectations because it was overhyped and was supposed to be different. The blotching up of the plot also did not help its cause neiter did the use of old cliches. I think that old member of the family being illtreated was limited to films and soaps of yesteryears. The so called suspense (a plot to muder etc.) has also been used before.

    My overall opinion is it is a let down.

    Btw jaya, do you remember me ?

  5. years passed.big salute from me to u my fav author.God Bless U! THIS WAS POST WHERE 2 YEARS BACK I LEFT MY FIRST COMMENT. Keep writing i just respect U a lot.dats my problem.

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