Shallow arguments, superficial fixes and education!

Mathematics could be optional after Class 8

Now this piece of news gets me worried. I am all for letting people choose what they want to. But for the choices to made, one should be mature enough. Further a minimum level of proficiency in Mathematics is almost a must of most of the disciplines. The reasons given in the article are rather shallow. If the situation is as bad, I think the first point of attack should be the quality of teaching, curriculum and textbooks, rather than the subject itself. May be we are not able to present it the right way to the students. Going by such arguments, I’m sure there will be people advocating removal of history and economics from the school curriculum altogether. Their teaching is even more pathetic and it leaves students with just facts and figures to be mugged up for the exam. Whereas, the larger impact of these disciplines of human life is something no one can escape. It’d be sad if our education system’s decisions are governed by such shallow arguments and the fixes proposed are equally superficial. The age-old cliche of attacking the problem and not the symptoms applies here.

P.S. I assume this news is not a April Fool Joke!!

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4 thoughts on “Shallow arguments, superficial fixes and education!

  1. that is seriously awful… why math of all the subjects?
    And why not history? Because it is so much easy to teach … you just have to go and read some text in class… at least most of my teachers did that.
    It seems schools (and I believe some colleges too) are beginning to serve teachers more than the students.

  2. Once again – Pushyamitra was unable to post a comment here. So, I am pasting it on his behalf.

    no, this is not april fool joke. govt seriously planning for this.

    may ur concern be rigth, but i am little bit in fevour of that. it is for my childhood friend. if aazam rabbani will read this, he will be happiest man. mathematics was intolrable puzzle for him. though he had passed class sixth and seventh any how but trigonomatry, algebra, statatics ware real headach for him. for 10th he had planned to remember some 50-60 importent question & its solution. and all the time he were reciting them. that time it were matter of jokes for us, but now i can feel his horrer. i dont know how he mannage to pass in 10th. presently he established his own public school at bahadurganj, kishanganj, and i see there is no use of algebra, trigonomatry in his life and in my life too.

  3. hah.. even I don’t know how I managed to pass in history and civics!!! and english literature…
    I still won’t say that they should be abolished.
    Everyone will have some subjects that they’ll like and some they can’t cope up with… and school is a great place to teach and learn that that is how life is…. some good and some bad. Not everything that you dislike is going to vanish into thin air.

    And you say the guy has his own public school!!! How does he know that he’s not getting fleeced by his employees when it comes to money matters?

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