Save Indian Sanity – IV

I was trying not to meddle with whatever they are doing, was trying to keep them peacefully away from me, but seeing their desperation to seek attention, I thought I would help them out a little. However, they will keep pulling their hair even after the help I am extending in the form of this post. Because I will not go for or against their group and movement. Why? A very simple reason. When you go for or against something, there is an assumption that there is some meat in the idea. There is none here. The stand I take after the (forced) interaction with all these self-proclaimed learned ladies and gentlemen is that what they are doing is irrelevant. Ah! Yes – I gave in you see. I took a stand finally 😀

Irrelevant because what is going to be achieved even if they are able to get the ultimate they are thinking of? There will no 498a. And then? Indian families will be saved, divorces will disappear and suddenly all the vile women of the world will become Sati-Savitris finding no 498a to support them??? I must appreciate the vision of Ram Rajya, but you know its a meaningless stand to take. If you have to solve the problem, go change the asymmetric, paternalistic system of the society. Why a girl is expected to leave the ways of her home (which she is accustomed to for more 20 years is most cases these days) and adjust to the ways of the pujya in-laws? Men do not have to do that. On the contrary, in the girls’ home all the whims of the damaad will be worshipped. The girl has to give in to the whims of the now her-everything sasuraal-waale. Its not a question of right or wrong. It does not matter whether or not it has come to oppression in the form of violence. Why is her individuality or her bringing up not valued at the level at that of the husband’s? Why does she have to get up at 5 in the morning just because her sasoo-maa has that habit, when for all her life before that she is used to getting up at 6.30? And without that she must be the vile one who is imposing the ways of her family on to the new one? Why? Of course, no such adjustments need to be made by the husband? Not even when he is in his sasuraal. And I can go on endlessly…

Go remove those asymmetries (and I would whole-heartedly support it), let the husband and wife be partners in the real sense of the word, without undue pressure on any of them to conform to the ways of the others’ family, let their not be a giver and a taker and you will have no reason to have a law like this, the question of misuse can never come at all. So long as the asymmetries are there, there will need to be such laws and there is no law in the world that has never been misused. Then do not cry foul if there are some cases of misuse. Fight them at individual level. Do not come and start calling people names for nothing. Do not put idiotic remarks about the people who had taken a bold step by forming the laws. Do not try to get the whole world to come after you for repealing the law.

Picking up a law and making all this halla over it, as if, repealing this law could bring all the peace to human-kind is childish, immature and meaningless. Hundreds of prisoners are spending years and years in Tihar jail for no fault of their own, because of the misuse of some law or the other, because of the slow judiciary. Shall we have a movement to do away with the constitution of India as well as the judiciary? Almost any sane person in the world would agree that Bush has misused his power and post by invading Iraq and causing the suffering of millions and millions. Shall we have a movement to remove the post of the President of the US?

We are not born in that simplistic a world, fortunately and unfortunately. So, I reiterate. What these people are trying to do is irrelevant.

Four posts will give enough commenting-space for the kids to do their उछल-कूद, right? 🙂 It’s obvious that I am sitting too jobless. However, I am moving on to more important matters now.
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8 thoughts on “Save Indian Sanity – IV

  1. Jaya,

    I wish you could show ‘better’ brain quality (logic as they say) in your posts. I know you can do better.

    Does the Indian law dictate the women to get up at 5 AM, when her saasu maa wakes up at 5 AM?
    Does the Indian law ask the women to leave her home of 20 years and go to her ‘sasural’?

    All these are rituals and traditions you are mentioning (or should I say trying to divert the topic and hide behind irrelevant points), you are welcome to break the traditions and there is no law which can stop you.

    You are justifying the existance of 498a because of ‘tradition and patriarchy (which are not a law)’.

    If patriarchy is not a ‘law’, then why is 498a a law?

    – Satya

  2. Ha, ha.

    If murdering is not a law, why is there a law against murdering?

    If stealing is not a law, why is there a law against stealing?

    Bravo!! Keep going…

    A piece of advice: I am not going to be anybody’s daughter-in-law for quite some time. Why are you wasting your time on me? Go do something else. If you try your tricks on more vulnerable people, who knows, you might just be able get 498a repealed by the time my turn to “misuse” it comes 😀

    But then you can go on posting comments as well… At least you can help one of my posts reach’s top posts 😉 Since, I am having some leisurely time of my life for next few days, I do not mind getting entertained at your expense.

  3. Jaya, you have got such a wonderful logic.

    You say, hundreds of innocent people are imprisoned in jails. So, we should wait and watch ?

    Where did we say, REPEAL 498a ?

    We only want ARRESTS to be made after investigation.
    We want 7 years of imprisonment for women who file false 498a cases.
    We want DEATH PENALTY for WOMEN who file FALSE Rape cases.

    Today, lawyers advise every woman who wants *just divorce* to file a false dowry harassment case. The result: the old parents, mothers and sisters are arrested and put behind bars without investigation. The case goes on for next 5 years.

    Download the Video

    Feminists are Hypochondriac Hypocrites.

    Every year women drive 23000 men to suicide and go simply scot free.

    If you champion gender equality, why the hell educated and working women asking for ALIMONY and Maintenance ? and What are your views of Join Custody ?

  4. The people who made that law were indeed Patriarchal idiots, who believe:

    1) Women can never lie.
    2) Women never enjoy sex.
    3) Women only suffer in this world.
    4) Women never indulge in Adultery.

    The Whole world in fact is laughing at India so far as this law Section 498a is concerned. The American Govt, the Canadian Govt have put travel warning to American Citizens on 498a. The Finnish Govt took Indian Govt to task.

    See all the details

    Now, Govt already has got a bill in Parliament to get out of this ultimate SHIT by making this law bailable and compoundable. But, only a bunch of FEMINAZIES are creating that last line of defense.

    The more days the law continues, the more FEMINISM will get discredited in India. What a great fun ?

    Then, forget about wife and husband, the live-in relationships of west will flourish. Its great fun time for all guys. Women will live with men for 5 year before getting married (like Germany, Sweden). In fact, we should all work and campaign for banning marriage itself so that real gender equalty (OSHO style) can emerge. What do you say ?

  5. Dear JAYA,
    Here are straight cut answers to your above blog.

    Indian women are getting educated and getting fast in these decades, whereas Indian men have been already by more than 3


    It is something like “bomb in monkey’s hands”. That’s what happenning all over urban Indian marriages. For eg: you mention


    why relationship of sassuraal & saas?
    why bahu has to adjust to all such new environment of Hubby family?
    why women has to come to husband family and why not?

    I question you –don’t you feel these questions slowly moving you into western culture. It’s not you, It is your education

    which made you as such. We are highly educated as you are ..but only void is “Social engineering and INDIAN CULTURAL SENSE”.

    Some educated Indian women are becoming BRATS…are not recognizing the value of culture in India. which is resulting in

    divorce. Many women became arrogant. They are not even trying to handle the situations with their husband and new

    environment adjustment cooly, but using their whole intelligence in changing the husband and/or keeping husband far away

    from his parents.

    that’s ok. For a while let us take this culture out and then logically think as per your education.

    Why a women have to be fed till her death after marriage in India? Do you really believe, in this polluted environment,

    husband got to go to work for several miles through some means…hook or crook and feed the family till he dies…

    Do you really think that a so-called modern educated women, who is filing this 498a (bloody law) is doing what normal women

    does at home(who do not even know about 498a, like my cousin sisters).

    I question, do you really try to putting in your effort of educational intelligence in solving environment adjustment

    problems in first few yrs. of marriage? you blog appears, you use your all senses to prepare for nuclear family.

    Neither you work or look after well at home and watching ch-7 songs all over the day and attack the husband when he comes

    home. what happens? happens is the one in current India. 56% divorces in the last 5yrs of urban marriages , many thousands

    and thousands of children living with single parent like west.

    Can India afford this single parenting and divorces due to this poverty and economy? like west. NO. we are not.

    Fight on 498a is purely related to MODERN WORLD AND MODERN WOMEN.
    Poor and normal women never involves in 498a, as she doesn’t know about it.

    Many educted women been thru 498a about few yrs back. ask them their situation and how they live now.

    They have much money with them. BUT NO CARE TAKER. same with thier husbands too. Who is benefitting from the whole

    chapters….DISHONEST AND CORRUPT. Is that what we want INDIA TO BE? think about it. We don’t need to make India to get to

    another 67% poverty (meaning having one meal in one day)..which you and me eat to the throat.

    help india and push poeple like INFOSYS chiefs in ruling the country and remove this scoundrel psuedo-politicians from

    governing further. In all senses, this is a fight among GOOD and EVIL.

  6. Root problem
    Infact, the problem is our Indian ppl are poisoned by the Feminists organisations dangeroulsy. Whether a male or female, a child doesn’t know. They acquire knowledge throgh the society. This society contains most vultures than any other as NGOs. So, continuos spread of hatred towards a man and dowry made these little children prone to poison. Dowry is a social custom in India for centuries. Crime by dowry demand is nothing but greed. we already have laws for cheating, greedy, characterless fellows. why this 498a? and ‘mental tension clause’ …nothing but corruption.

    If you see a women around 18 or 20+ and she is straightly, against a man and male society. Though, she is brought up by her father, brother. still she says men are bad. It is not their fault. These vultures should be brought to justice. If they were in USA, by now they would have met their fate. Rascals of the country, devastating the culture of my country.

    if you notice, population increased highly after sometime, this IPC498a is enacted by legislation. Main reason, marital discord between men and women. women were not capable of earning, but learn about this law by parents for their selfish reasons. Men being not happy with his marrid wife, he is always under 498a threat, wisdom got lost. The men who are in threat are greatly public servants, social ppl, highly educated, scientists in urban areas participating infrastructure design for the country. what happens when these ppl. are not healthy in living? That naturally gets affected on the rural areas. No proper planning, infrastructure got affected, wisdom got lost and the country led to 48% poverty level now(eating one meal in a day).

    Other men who are away from IPC 498a threats were hooligans, politicians and evils in society. Wife or in-laws can’t dare to imprison these ppl. into “attemptive murder charge’ like case 498a.They very well know, what can be done.

    Some ppl. still think that, society is better than developed nations, though we face several problems(polulation, poverty, crime etc.,), still country surviving, ok. ppl are ok and everything seems ok. BUT I WARN, there is a limit on everything. We are not far away from heavy disaster or calamity which can’t be even thought. All intellectuals leave the county for brain drain and minimal standards. Social-engineering sense mitigated ppl. continue to rule the country. country leads to graveyard. we may be almost there.

    To add gas to fire, domestic violence bill is introduced. Sec.3 is designed very dangerously. But common man doesn’t understand and falls into the marriage again.

    what these vultures wanted from india. They are indians too. Even if they are funded by western interests, they should not have sacrificed India for the whole purposes. Britishers who directly ruled India are far better than these ppl, who have already poisoned the society.

    My thought is, why God do not give punishment to their children in the form of accidents. I do not understand this complex karma of the lord.

    Currently, on an average 52% divorces in the first 5 years of marriages all over urban cities have started. who take responsibility for this? do these vultures? Many children are with single parenting. Singel parent children are more prone to crimes in any culture by statistics. who takes this responsiblity.? do these vultures? Many elderly ppl. who gave everything to their children sacrificing their life and earnings and happiness are homeless due to this law or are living themselves. Do these vultures take responsibility for it?

    Marriage and divorces are purely personal in nature or relation. Every individual got ‘Rights’ over it. who are these feminists organisations to involve in compromising or resolving such issues. who are these dictators over person’s life.? The problem is INDIAN MEN themself. They became so foolish, that they are not ablet o understand, how their health has became supporting these NGOs and their biased laws. Today, Diabetes rates for Indian men is one largest in the world. Their faces are rotten and pale(serving families like animals do).

    For each 498a, on an average, there is atleast 1 lakh of money being spent in urban area by the family for various reason from corruption to bail. In higher middle class families, where good earning is there, the expense spent by husband and his family easily goes to 10 lakhs. Wife has to be compensated for quashing the case to court clerk. If an NRI is caught by the police, excellent day for the bad ppl. Several lakhs are spilt.

    If one notices, many women NGOs, politicians are behind NRIs, stating provision of cell phones for NRI assaulted women,advertising in newspaper about NGO to report to. I believe, most of these organisations are just waiting to get calls by NRI wife. The day call is received by NGOs, happy to screw more happily that family, as there is big booty in it.

    So who is benefitting out of this whole process. NO ONE, BUT COUNTRY DEVASTATES.
    Disclaimer: These are my perceptions only. Nothing to do with other’s or an attempt to..

    MS USA.

  7. The problems with the current law (498A) are many. It rewards frauds and cheats for using the law. It makes the accuser also the prosecutor, the judge and jury all rolled into one. It makes all the families subject to destruction on the whims and fancies of criminals (girls and their families who want to get rich overnight), and has no safeguards for the innocent. It facilitates elder and child abuse by the accusers. It lays down no automatic punishments for the accuser(s), even after it is proved by the accused that they are innocent and the complaints were fraudulent.

    It enables violation of the privacy, sanctity, and the dignity of even the innocent families, and throws the very existence of Indian families to the vultures in the police force, criminals in the society(the greedy with vengence), at the mercy of the lawyers(inefficient & corrupt), and the inefficiencies of the court system in India.

    It provides monetary inducements for corruption, falsehoods, revenge, and is therefore an invitation to the increasing crimes in India.

    It is a monster and menace, created by the law, which will soon compromise even the national security if allowed to continue any longer; when foreign agencies and enemies of India will start using the greedy/the weak Indian females and their families, to get at the personnel of the armed forces to blackmail them.

    I suspect that these foreign elements and their money are already behind those Indian elements that have given birth to such a law, and insist in maintaining it, inspite of its rampant misuse, and the mischief it is doing to the sanctity of the Indian family, the basic unit that has preserved Indian culture over centuries of foreign rules and religious conversions they resulted in.

    The law, therefore, does not belong in any civilised and democratic society as it smells of Gulag like fascism. Dowry system in India is a social system, created by the society, and sanctioned by it for ages. It was meant for the benefit of the women, as they did not inherit property, and Dowry was a way to give a semblance of inheritance to them from their parents. Granted, its misuse has become rampant. But that misuse needs to be curbed by laws that only punish the guilty and not the innocent, and does not create more criminals, what is happening today through its misuse.
    This law, therefore, must go lock stock and barrel, and replaced by a law that punishes the only the guilty appropriate to their crime. That is the way a democracy works. Only fascist dictatorships and enemies of the society create laws that destroys the very society they claim to protect.
    –Rajendra agarwala(Retd. Univ. of Michigan)

  8. Okay – enough kids. अब weekend खतम हो गया है। खेलना-कूदना बंद। सभ्य भारतीय बच्चों की तरह घर जा कर पढ़ाई-लिखाई करो। मेरा mailbox अब तुम्हारे comments से खेल खेल कर थक गया है। जाओ, जा कर उपने blog में जो post करना हो करो। है ना? cho chweet – जाओ, जाओ।

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