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Okay, I am sick of them now. Of whom? Yeah please read the following and the follow the links in my response to get a context.

(This person has written two more comments today, which I have deleted. Both of them were on the posts related to IITK and one of comments read, “Does it matter if you graduate from IIT, if Indian government has a law like 498a.” Further he also wrote a comment on our group website at which has been deleted now.)

You can visit their websites also, the link to which keep coming in the comments.

I can’t say anything other than this that these people are behaving pathetically. Look here – if a law, any law in the world, is being misused by anyone, its wrong. Who would be foolish enough to go against that stand? Okay, here is another law that probably is being misused by some. Its a great idea if one could help people who are unnecessarily being troubled by that. But as Abhaya rightly pointed out, what the heck does that have to do with Indian culture and family and divorce!! I mean, that’s just too much. Misusing a law is just that, misusing a law. Has got no cultural connotations please… Then think of how pathetic it is to appeal to IITian sentiment for that; or for that matter to bash Feminism as a whole.

Listen guys, you are a bunch of reactionaries, who have no idea of what you want and where you want to go and are trying to do anything, use any words, write anything and anywhere, appeal to any sentiments to get attention. Grow up. And if you can not keep off from my blog. Of course, now I have taken some measures to block your comments, but all the same, you have managed to irritate me enough by now to deserve a bashing post.

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3 thoughts on “Save Indian Sanity

  1. Damn every evil thing in thise world is related to evils of feminism , sowry.

    NCW is planning to steal the houses from IITians under the new domestic violence law.

    IITian suffer the highest percentage of those trapped false dowry cases.

    So are just makies all teh freshies aware of how these laws operate.

    Dear IITian
    The mere fact that you are not a dowry monger is no excuse for you to avoid jail .

    That is the beauty of of our Dowry laws drafted by our misandryst feminists

  2. Okay – enough kids. अब weekend खतम हो गया है। खेलना-कूदना बंद। सभ्य भारतीय बच्चों की तरह घर जा कर पढ़ाई-लिखाई करो। मेरा mailbox अब तुम्हारे comments से खेल खेल कर थक गया है। जाओ, जा कर उपने blog में जो post करना हो करो। है ना? cho chweet – जाओ, जाओ।

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