I could not contain my curiosity about Mafia after reading The Godfather. So, did some search. And its quite interesting. While Mafia, today, is used as a generic word representing all organized crime, the word was originally used indeed for those having Italian/Sicilian origin. Interestingly, many of the structural and ritual arrangement of Mafia depicted in that book seem very real (while apparently the author had never met a gangster). However, the idealization of the characters does not appear to be so, as can be read up in this article. To quote

Renting The Godfather trilogy at the video store is easier than reading Dante’s Divine Comedy. But, one wonders, have the same “Mafia fans” ever seen The Leopard, In the Name of the Rose or Cinema Paradiso? (Do they know that the real Mafia murders innocent people, even women and children?)

A detailed description can also be found at “How Stuff Works“. Another good link is (does not open from inside IIML 😦 ).

And yeah, I did not know that one of the characters in the novel has too many similarities with the famous Frank Sinatra.

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2 thoughts on “Mafia

  1. You may like to read Roger Ebert’s review of the movie here
    As he says, the novel (and hence, the movie) is told from the inside out. We see the world of the mafia from the inside, not from the perspective of the victims of their crime.

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