A passage to India

Finished reading A passage to India by E M Forster. Although the back cover of the book says that it was touted to be anti-British, I really do not think there was much sympathy for India and Indians there. It was still a British view, though not the view of British Officials (probably). May be too many generalizations of what he called “oriental” characteristics put me off. But then I should not be harsh – it was written for a British audience. And I guess it would do fine to them. And yes, it is an interesting “character study of people of one race by a writer of another”, as the same back-cover says. The adjective used there was “excellent” for the character study. I have changed it to “interesting”. And that was deliberate. There are certain aspects of India society and ways that he has been able to capture really well, and I appreciate that. But the characterizations should not be taken as such. There is a very high possibility of falling pray to stereotypes!! This time “oriental” stereotype. Similar is the case of “British in England” vs. “British in India” stereotypes. Here again, some differences are captured well, but the good and evil are best not generalized.

As an Indian, however, the interesting part is to read about the ways of British in India. Very interesting indeed!


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One thought on “A passage to India

  1. as far ad I think it was a brits passage to India…the Comment of Fosters was not on India but that of British in India…how a totally Sane Britisher is treated when he tries to be Human and befriend the Natives (a population they have conquered)…
    It is Hilarious to read about the shallowness of the rulers…

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