On Chivalry


I absolutely do not have any comments to make on this piece. This says it all!!

Thanks to Apurva for sending the link.

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6 thoughts on “On Chivalry

  1. Categorization is not limited to only gender. We see categorization based on nationality, religion, caste, age, college, Hall (remember Hall-2 Hall-3) and what not. It’s a bit natural (innate?) way to deal with complex ideas. Okay, I would not go into the Psychology, I guess you know it as much as I know if not better.

    What I want to point is that it would not be very fruitful to just start a revolution for equality based on Gender; we want a more wholesome equality.

    PS: Please CC your comment on my mail too, I am not very frequent reader..:P

  2. I can see that you are not a frequent reader; else a comment like this should not have come. 🙂

    Hence, replynig to it would mean repeating myself to boredom. I will avoid that. Since this reply would not be of much value to you, I am not CCing it to your id either.

  3. Abhas: I think even the article was saying the same thing and anyway, a journey of thousand miles, starts with a small step.

    Jaya: Nice piece. It didn’t left me with a feeling of having been offended as most of such articles tend to do. But even chivalary has its advantages at times. What do you say? 😉

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