Stereotypes once again…

Stereotypes have been a favourite on this blog. And gender stereotypes are an issue very close to my heart, though I hate stereotyping of any kind in general. Came across this post today:

Is it necessary that you’re a girl, you have to like the color p!nK?

Not a particularly profound post and I do not know what lies behind this expression either. But this struck me. It does not have to be positive or negative, but stereotyping hurts. Positive, Negative or Neutral, every one has his/her own characteristics and often one associates ones identity with those characteristics. When in a snap they get associated with a group (and most of the times you never had a chance of deciding whether or not you want to belong to that), it can hurt really bad.

Now, how far is one supposed to go to avoid thi? I do not know. In many circumstances it has become so much a part of our conversations that one hardly mean anything there. And not being an ardent believer of perfection, I really do not care about such situations. Although personally I would like to get rid of them from my speech as much as possible (hence the implicit confession that I do not claim not to fall prey to stereotypical expression, but then I try hard to avoid them). It may even be a matter of individual’s personality and the chemistry between the people who are interacting. I, personally, do not get irked so much with a “Bihari” and “Bihar” stereotype, as by the gender stereotype. And then with certain people, or under certain circumstances I know it is pure fun and other person does not even have subconscious intention of actually meaning it. In other circumstances I know that the person believes he is just having fun, but at a subconscious level there are deep deated beliefs which are resulting in his or her expression of stereotypes.

No black and white – as usual… Sigh!!

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