As a B-School student one can not be “not-aware” of the famous “Intel Inside” campaign and strategy. As they put it, it made people to think what was inside their computer. However, in my last trip back home I was forced to think over the kind of damages it can do (proably it did not do so in case of Intel, but the potential). Was talking with my brother about the computerization in the branch of SBI where he is posted. He was ranting badly about the dysfunctinoal nature of the computers provided – “Sometimes, they would not start at all, sometimes the programs would not run, sometimes the Internet does not work etc. etc.” And then came the expression which I did not how to react to – “And all this despite the fact that they have Intel!! All the PCs have Intel Inside written on them!!

Well you know, you have to be careful about whom you want to understand what is there inside your computer πŸ™‚

A related news that I get now is that Intel is now trying to change its well-established tagline of “Intel Inside“. No, no – I do not claim that it is for any such reasons as I have figured out :)). They are revamping it becuase they do not want their brands to be identified just with microprocessors when they are present in other important segments too. Now, that’s risky – isn’t it? If you are assoicated with too many things, something like above is more likely to happen. But apparently it has been after extensive market research. Let’s put that to test.

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2 thoughts on “Intel

  1. Intel did in fact suffer from such ‘component co-branding’ when a floating-point unit flaw was discovered in its Pentium chip. The flaw had only a remote possibility to disrupt normal computer usage by most people, but Intel had to allow all consumers to return their chip and have a new one installed at no cost to them. Intel’s obligations were increased exactly because people had come to realise that the microchip – as a component – existed, due to the ‘Intel Inside’ campaign. You can read about in Andy Grove’s ‘Only the Paranoid Survive’.

  2. Yeah, that’s a well known case of udner-estimation of what bad PR can bring to you. But it was still a flaw associated with Intel’s product. What we are seeing here is Intel being blamed for Software not working and Network not connecting πŸ˜€

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