Flexibility does not mean you should make compromises when you do not need to.

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Jaya Jha is an entrepreneur, a techie, a writer and a poet. She was born and brought up in various towns of Bihar and Jharkhand. A graduate of IIT Kanpur and IIM Lucknow, she realized early on that the corporate world was not her cup of tea. In 2008, she started Pothi.com, one of the first print-on-demand publishing platform in India. She currently lives in Bangalore and divides her time between writing and working on her company's latest product InstaScribe (http://instascribe.com) with a vision to make it the best e-book creation tool. Blog: https://jayajha.wordpress.com Twitter: @jayajha Facebook: http://facebook.com/MovingOnTheBook

8 thoughts on “Flexibility?

  1. Jaya,

    So, you feel a 10 year old boy must act as a protector for his 30 year old aunt just because some rapist is lurking in the street.

    Many women in a particular state in India (whose husbands go to Gulf to work) have sex with minor boys (aged 15 to 17). We consider it as Rape by Women. How many of these women are facing trial of rape ? In west, women who have sex with minor boys/men are jailed under the charges of rape of men. Why they are allowed to go scot free in India ?

    Some men take to crime just because they are burdened too much by society which forces them to protect and provide for family. Unless men are freed from this free service to family (especially women), there is no way crime in the world will reduce.

    You asked “How Many Men are Raped by Women ?”

    We consider all the men and their innocent parents who are implicated in false rape and false dowry case are Raped by the Unscrupulous adulterous women.

    Feminists are Hypochondric Hypocrites.


  2. Feminists and Media who sensationalise only murder of women contribute to female foeticide.

    When 3 male techies were murdered, nobody called Bangalore an unsafe city.

    When score of elderly men and women get murdered in that city, no special meeting (no front page news) conducted.

    Soceity considers men as disposable and women as indispensible.

    By the way, why the slogan “Women and Children” used in stead of “Children and Women”. Who is more vulnerable ?

  3. 1. The comment was not for 10 year old accompanying 30 year old, but for the “protectionism” called for after the BPO incident.
    2. I am not saying that your overall mission is wrong, but am really sorry to see that the fanaticism that destroys the essence of any movement (including feminism) has crept in pretty soon in your movement. I had visited that page following the links from comment number 24 on one this post of mine –
    3. The world is not black and white!! Its always the gray. Unfortunately people too often tend to assume things in black and white. And its a cycle. When you show only the black, one refuting you is forced to show only the white. And then the cycle of defending and counter-defending black and white starts off – none of which exist. I have nothing for or against any movement for this. No one person or idea can be held resposible for this. Seems like human race is doomed to live like this.
    4. I am not going to visit your site again. Just the way I do not visit the extremist feminist sites.

    Get it?

  4. For those who are wondering, here is the context –


    And I have already mentioned what had taken me there. I have nothing against them. They have raised a valid issue, but its the same black and white vs, gray problem I have pointed out earlier. They tend to refute the genuine issues too. Just because there are genuine issues on the other side, does not mean everything going on on this side is fake.

  5. Jaya,

    Once feminists and Media start talking in grey in stead of black and white, then we will follow suit.

    Till that time we will spew hate for hate.

    The Karnataka State Women’s Commission head called all Men “terrorists”. She made statement, “we have got terrorists in our house. We do not need Osama in India.”

    So, we do not want to take any moral high ground. We believe in tit for tat and we enjoy doing so.
    By the way, we are growing very fast. In last one week 36 people joined us.

  6. Good – so that’s what you are. A group of pathetic reactionaries who stand for nothing but opposing something they do not even understand in totality. I commend you for your honesty, but have no sympathy for your childish purpose. Its a request to please keep away from my blog. Of course, if you do not agree to the request, I am not losing anything. Its you who are making a fool of yourself. Most of my readers would not be like those 36 who joined you. (I do sincerely hope I am not getting many other readers like you!!) Also, since it is an old post, hardly anyone would come to see the comments. Why don’t you just go focus elsewhere?

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