Sticking to your principles…

Wikipedia Semi-Protection Begins?

So, Wikipedia had to move away from the everyone-can-edit principle ultimately.

Personally I have been skeptical about the idea; however the purpose here is not to take a stand really. It just reminded me of the old “GH Security Issue” from IITK days. Its difficult to explain it to those who were not involved in some way or the other, but the following two earlier posts should give some idea to them too –

Those were the days…
The resolution

One of the major arguments that we had and which worked too (and of course, in which we believed too) was this –

Whenever we stand for a principle, for a cause, there are problems we face. Now, if there is a problem that turns up, we have two options. Either we simply assume and accept that it is the flaw of the principle, our system is based on. Or we face the problem, recover from it and hence establish before the rest of the world that we were correct.

Wondering what Wikipedia is doing!! But then probably the principle was not so right in the first place. Or was it and they are only getting too paranoid??!!

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5 thoughts on “Sticking to your principles…

  1. just read the blog you referred in this one…I feel like saluting the writer or writers of the letter mentioned.

    Truely pheonomenal and exemplary.

    I understand that the comment is unnecessary… but still felt to mention it….

    on a lighter note, i feel that a copy of this letter should be emailed to the secys of all GHs in India…

  2. why sexist???? … since the act was exemplary… should be shown as a case study to other GHs… and hence my comment…. where does sexism come into the picture??? i am confused..

  3. Because it was not “exemplary” only by the standards of GHs. Then why just the secys of GH? If it is to be sent, it should be sent to secretaries of any hostel whatsoever… It’s not that boys keep making bold moves like these.

    Otherwise it is fine in my blog only :))

  4. i said GH because in most boys hostels i have seen in my life, there is almost no security check…as far as the interaction between the sexes is concerned.

    since it is normally (if not always) the GH where all kinds of restrictions are made..they might be benifited in a more practical manner.

    anyways, as said earlier… it was on a lighter note…. and it looks fine in your blog only.

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