Quality, and not just quantity

Ensuring India’s offshoring future

The above article from McKinsey Quarterly brings out the issues that have importance beyond what the narrow scope of the title of the article suggests. My favourite being the quality of education and educated that we produce. Long back I had touched upon this after returning from IITK once. The idea of islandish institutes like IITs and IIMs vs. the university system.

Even if it can not be solely called the fault of the islandish system that University system has almost broken down in India, they have their share all the same. Somehow the deserved attention has not been given to the universities. And that means, while we have the gap between educated and uneducated, we further have a huge gap between elitely educated and not-so-elitely educated. Okay, some amount of gap will always be there. There will always be more aspired-for and more respected places. But we have to agree that the education-class-division is too much in India and it’s not just a matter of perception. The facilities, the quality, the sincerity of people involved, all vary, and vary substantially. Talk of a discipline like engineering and you know the range of institutions that exist and their quality. Compare a discipline like engineering with one like humanities and differences become all the more glaring. If we need to grow fast, if we need to do something about equality of opportunity and if we need to use our much touted Human Assets for achieving all this, this is an area that can not be neglected. To quote some figure from the same article –

HR managers at MNCs will consider employing only 10-25% of country’s graduates… The proportion of suitable graduates also varies by field of study: just 10 percent of the Indian students with generalist degrees in the arts and humanities are suitable, for example, compared with 25 percent of all Indian engineering graduates. (Italics added)

What will happen to the rest? (Somebody may emphasize the MNC effect there – but it is still an indication of the situation, isn’t it?)

I am only pointing out a problem here. I do not have an overnight solution, but would talk about the issue later anyway.

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