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Everybody is talking of tagging these days. One place I would like to see tags is for the files on my Operating Systems. I am talking of a replacement of folders, in a similar way as GMail"s labels have replaced folders in the mail client. It makes a lot of sense to me. I have two folders, one named "Courses", and the other named "Software". Courses and its sub-folders have all the files related to academic activities. Software contains the setup files for various Software I have downloaded. And now, I download a Software for academic purpose and I actually spent 5 minutes thinking where should it go. Even after that whatever I chose was an arbitrary choice! Ideally it should have been at both the places. But making copies is a messy business. GMail had indeed solved the problem in case of mails. Of course, I was in love with the idea of labels as soon as I understood it 🙂 Even today, when I try to locate some of the mails from IITK days (when there was no GMail), I have trouble thinking which folder I would have put a mail from a friend, whose first part would have something about Meander (Students" Magazine) and the second part would be a cribbing about some prof – "Meander" or "Friends"?? Not so with GMail.

But I would not like to see the concept of hierarchy to go away either. Inside “Courses”, there are folders for individual courses. This is very convenient and even in the labels, the concept of hierarchy should be there.

Related to this would be advanced mass-files management system. One problem I have with GMail right now is this. Suppose, I want to delete all the mails under label ‘X’. But if something is also labeled as “Y”, I would like it to remain. There should be an easy way for me to specify that I want those mails to be deleted, which have been labeled only with X.

When do I see the labels/tags in Oses?

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3 thoughts on “Files on my computer…

  1. atleast not very soon 😥
    windows had ambitous plans for similar functionality for Windows Longhorn, but just couldn’t make it in time. it was called WinFS and was supposed to be similar to a database – you don’t worry how the files will be laid out on the disk; you only care for the labels and parent-child relationships. hope Microsoft will implement it in the next version of Longhorn…which should be atleast 3 years from now. i have not heard any such plans for gnu/linux though, but similar thing can be easily achieved there using symbolic links.

  2. Hi Jaya…..!

    Am a first year MBA student @ IIT-K… We’re doing our Organizational Behavior project on ‘The student’s Gymkhana’ here…Your blog prooved to be an utter gold mine for our project!…. If u have the time could u give me any inputs that u can thnik of, about the student’s gymkhanaas u see it.. anything u can think -Culture,politics anything!…
    Would be most obliged!…
    Great blog btw!.

  3. Hi jaya…. I replied to the mail you sent me, but i was wondering if it actually reached u……….here it is again..Hi Jaya,
    Thanks a lot for the prompt reply!….
    Yes, its Rahul Varman who is taking this course for us. I don’t know if u have taken any of his courses..he is one of the best lectureres I ‘ve had.
    We even spoke to some UG students regarding the gymkhana, essentially most of our project work involved talking to people.It was quiet an eye opener for us as we are all new to this place.This project has been quiet an exciting experience for all of us.
    Here a few questions , topics that i would like your views on-
    Autonomy of the gymkhana( Especially in light of the Udgosh case)
    Politics in the gymkhana
    Is there corruption?
    Are the various clubs open to outsiders or are they a clique in themselves?
    How many people asctually vote?
    How democratic are the elections?
    Is the gymkhana traqnsparent enough?
    Paper work?
    Being a coordinator of an event? Isit as easy as it seems? do u have to a Gen secratary’r friend?
    Girls Vs Boys?-How is easy it being a girl in the senate. organizing committees, or far that matter in the institute itself?
    UGs Vs PGs.. How is the relationship?
    How effective is the gymkhan?
    Do u think the gymkhana is doing the work it set out to do?
    Any thing else u might want to add………….

    Thanks again!…and thanks again :-)!
    B-120,HALL 6

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