Chapters from Mythology – III

I will start with a light comment on Indian Mythology and Lord Shiva. Somehow, Indian mythology is fraught with stories, where some wicked devil would do a tough Tapasya and get some Vardaan, which would then be a problem for the human kind and sometimes for the Gods themselves. And invariably, Lord Shiva ranks first amongst the Gods for giving such disastrous Vardaana. Then he himself, or some other Gods, have to come up with some trick to get rid of the effects of the Vardaan. This time I will take up one such story.

Chapter – III 


Bhasmasur was a wicked devil who worshipped Lord Shiva for a long time. Lord was moved by hi Tapasya and had to appear before him and grant him his wish. Bhasmasur asked for the ability that whenever he would put his hands on somebody’s head, the person should get burned off and turned into ashes. Lord Shiva did not realize the consequences and granted him the wish. As soon as he got the power, Mahisasur started off to test it on no one else but Lord Shiva himself. He started chasing him. Lord Shiva ran away from him, but Bhasmasur won’t give up. While running, Lord Shiva also appealed to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu realized the disaster that was facing the universe. He thought of a trick. He took the form of a very beautiful woman, called Mohini and went to Bhasmasur. Bhasmasur immediately fell for Mohini. He would do anything Mohini would do or say. She started dancing and Bhasmasur followed. In the course of dancing Mohini made a posture in which she put her hand on her head. Bhasmasur followed and turned himself into ashes due to the power he had recently gained.

The moral of this story is supposed to be that power, without self-control and self-poise leads to one’s own destruction.

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