Old is Gold??

Google Reader is something I did not quite like. The interface appears confusing. There is no way I can mark all the posts as read, in case a lot has accumulated and I would like to escape those. Not to say, it’s sloooow. I am going to stick to bloglines.

And wordpress.com is behaving crazy. It has become irritationg to see that “we are updating… do not poke your blog too hard.” It’s slow. And I am kind of frightened. Somewhere I read “Whatever is free will remain free so long as we are around.” Now what does that mean? 😦 “We are around”? Who are “we” and how long will you be around?

How does one backup thinkgs on wordpress.com?

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About Jaya

Jaya Jha is an entrepreneur, a techie, a writer and a poet. She was born and brought up in various towns of Bihar and Jharkhand. A graduate of IIT Kanpur and IIM Lucknow, she realized early on that the corporate world was not her cup of tea. In 2008, she started Pothi.com, one of the first print-on-demand publishing platform in India. She currently lives in Bangalore and divides her time between writing and working on her company's latest product InstaScribe (http://instascribe.com) with a vision to make it the best e-book creation tool. Blog: https://jayajha.wordpress.com Twitter: @jayajha Facebook: http://facebook.com/MovingOnTheBook

4 thoughts on “Old is Gold??

  1. I didn’t like Reader either. Seems to be a waste of time and duplication of effort to me. But certainly looks like Google is on their way to build a complete web based office and personal information management suite.

    As for wordpress.com, have faith 🙂 Things will turn out for the better. You should try the new K2 theme thats being deployed. “We” is perhaps a question best answered by Matt and friends — anyone listening? As for how long are they around — my guess is definitely till they get bought out by someone! 🙂

    And as far as I know, there are regular backups of everything on wordpress.com. You don’t need to do anything special. If you want to back things up locally on your harddrive or something, you’d probably need to talk with the admin folks — I don’t know if that functionality is available yet.

  2. > You should try the new K2 theme thats being deployed.

    For/By whom? Where? 😦

    >And as far as I know, there are regular backups of everything on wordpress.com. You don’t need to do anything special.

    I just want a copy with myself. Whatif they get sold out tomorrow and the parent company decides to shut down the free service. Not concerned about disaster management.

    And the way people keep advising “If you want to do so and so – get the full wordpress and install it”, it makes me feel poor. I want that default theme to provide me the facility to left justify things and to remove the “preivous post” and “next post” thing coz it spoils the post pages when I have imported them for old blog and lots more. If blogger gives categories, I will shift back today itself. Don’t know why do they not do it :((

    May be I am being too impatient, but it might be the result of terrible performance of the site for couple of days. If at least that improves, I should be willing wait.

  3. I thought it was available on your dashboard. Several of wordpress.com blogs already have it (http://lorelle.wordpress.com/, for instance). Its developed by binarybonsai.com (the same guy who did Kubrick).

    Hmm. Abt the backup problem. I have an idea, but you’d probably want to kill me for not bringing this up earlier. You see, I have a lifetime hosting offer with plenty of b/w and disk to spare at Textdrive. So potentially, you could host your own blog 🙂 Send me an email if you’re interested.

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