Time to move on…

So, the blog that was hosted at blogspot is now being shifted to this new location. It was sad to ditch, but they seemed adamant on not providing categories 😦

But it would not have been possible if Diwaker did not spare his invit from Thanks a lot, Diwaker 🙂

The old posts will still be there at and there are loads of them there :-). So, if you are a new visitor, please go there for archives. Since, there is no automatic way of importing them and manual import will be prohibitively time-consuming, I am leaving them there itself.

Hey, blogger is good – really. But then probably one grows up and outgrows blogger after a while. At least in some areas. I really loved the direct access to templates code there. And several other things too. They are free, they are simple and they are still feature rich. But nevertheless – it’s time to move on.

So, welcome wordpress!


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