Not just Generations!

Modern humans, Neanderthals shared earth for 1,000 years

Reconciling the differences between the generations is hard enough, with each generation considering itself more “forward” than the previous generation and “saner” than the succeeding one…

Now, can one imagine what it would be like to co-exist with not a previous generation, but a creature potentially inferior or superior in the evolution hierarchy? Of course, one may draw analogies with different varieties of the same species staying together and all, but still it is difficult for me to imagine the same situation with humans. Varieties of humans?? And indeed, something like this has happened long back in the history. Neanderthal and Modern humans co-existing!! What would their interaction have been like? Would their relationship have been same as between say humans and other animals today??!! Gives me a weird feeling. One possibility of course is that they never interacted, never came in touch with each other, but from the above article, that does not seem very likely. Two creatures can not co-exist for 1000 years without coming in contact with each other. Or was it that they were just in awe of each other – so much that they never interacted, shied away when came in contact and just imagined things about each other. Like we do for say Yeti these day…

Possibilities are endless…


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