Another period of long silence…

Well – more or less “silence”, this blog has witnessed. The silence will be broken today, but would most likely be resumed soon as I am leaving for home on Tuesday, immediately after finishing my exams. Only for one week though. Hence, come September 15th and the blog will be in action again. However, some compensation needs to be made for this long period of inactivity. So, I start from here 🙂

Okay – a brief explanation of silence here. Nothing too complicated. 4th term was the worst one here – lot more drudgery. To top that 8 courses for post-mid term period!! All of them with projects, and 7 of them with Group Projects. Wow! I do believe I can stand a lot, you see.

Was not a welcome term after that pathetic internship anyway. And days were overburdened, schedule of classes erratic and worst of the courses scheduled at most painful of the times. I need a break now. And good that I shall have it soon. My nephew is likely to be there at home – so even if it’s tiring (you just can’t match the energy level of kids!), it will be fun!

Google Talk has not been performing up to the mark now 😦 The lag is too much.

Have downloaded Dear Park Alpha 2 (code name for the next major release of Firefox). In terms of the features, the major advantage is that you can rearrange the tabs manually now (I did want it so badly!). Of course, they scare you too much, almost asking you not to download it, but there hasn’t been any problems as of now.

And finally got the sidebar of Google Desktop Search 2 to work with proxy. It reads the proxy information from IE irrespective of what your default browser is. So, one has to ensure that IE has the proxy that GDS is supposed to use.

Still not sure if it is indexing my GMail properly. Given that I have already filled up almost 1 GB (1162 MBs be exact), I will have to give it some time. But have read on the Google Group on GDS that it is creating problems in indexing GMail for some people. Let’s see.

And I also have to see to what extent does it customize the news. As of now, it is showing me all I do not care about.

The scratch pad is cool (okay – I know the concept is not novel, but I never used these thing earlier, for whatever reason) – and you can thank it for ensuring that I noted down all the ideas I got on various posts in it. Else, nothing would have come out even at the end of this “long period of silence” (Huh! As if the world cared – but whatever!). And as cool is the “To Do” Panel, which needs to be downloaded separately as a plugin.

Only complain is that it consumes too much of resources. I am running it on my poor 128 MB RAM, despite it being lower than recommended 256 MB. If they can make something as light as Google Talk, why not the same with GDS?? 😦


6 thoughts on “Another period of long silence…

  1. It would not be fair to rant about that! We are the champions of that particular decision… 😀 And if it hadn’t happened and chances of coming out sane from this term were much lesser!

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