Once again – Nature vs. Nurture

Okay, I have been always advocating the importane of nurture in the observed differences between men and women.

The following, which is a descriptive research not going into underlying causes, would certainly delight the mars-venus proponents… (they ARE different!)

Key Website Research Highlights Gender Bias

But at the same time there is this, which highlight the role of nurturance –

Why more women aren’t “geeks”

It is not unknown to us as to how certain professions are considered more suited to specific genders. Arts and Biology (if it must be Science) for girls!! Many of us would be well acquainted with this line of thought. It is an interesting finding in the research as to how making maths and science compulsory till higher levels of education increases the proportion of girls in Computer Science. Probably it gives them enough time to see for themselves, whether or not they need to ocnfirm to the “subject stereotypes”, if I may call it so.


8 thoughts on “Once again – Nature vs. Nurture

  1. Hi,
    I have been to your blog cpl of days back. I simply liked it and well, I added it to my favorites blog as well. I am novice blogger though I tried many a times earlier. I do not think, this is the right place to paste this comment, but there wasn’t any other option! I will be a regular visitor of your blog with much to get and more to give. 🙂

  2. I know better than to get into a battle with you.

    And you should know better than fighting on the battle-field of this blog, because I have an absolute advantage of ownership here.

  3. Generalising the point further, assuming – as many welfare economists and philosophers do – freedom of choice as equality, the aim of any tutelage or nurturing would be to ensure maximal exposure to ensure that an individual’s “choice-set” does not contract till a time he/she is capable of exercising his/her own judgement in making the choice.
    Did I get the interpretation right?

  4. The first comment I take with some salt…
    The second I take as a warning..

    Ability is individualistic and situational… So whatever they say…how so many curves they smooth… It will never make any sense… and when “you” this… why the torment…

  5. depends upon which side the reader is!
    This type of arguments look more appealing, when the reader is already tilted to that side.

  6. Ok, here’s my 2c on gender differences and nature vs. nurture. There may be differences between men and women in terms of innate abilities; I don’t know. And statistics does not know either; because the conditions under which men and women are brought up in this world, even in the best of societies are so radically different, such statistics do not make any sense. Scientifically, there is no “control experiment” which makes all statistics useless as evidence for innate differences between men and women.

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