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Writing versus Drawing

Drawing here can be taken as a common term used for all related art-forms like painting, sketching, moulding etc. where words are not used to express oneself. I am using the words drawing because this is what came to my mind while I was thinking on this topic.

I, in general, do not have much complaint against writings or words as a medium of expression. Of course, there are exceptions, but those are different cases. For all practical purposes I am quite able to express my happiness, anger, disgust, dreams, complaints, whatever else in words. And normally I do not regret my inability at art-forms like drawing (does not mean I do not respect these art forms, but just that I do not mind that I can not do them).

However, there are times when I wish I could draw. And I am not referring to the occasions when so to say “words are not sufficient”. I am talking of certain situations, when words are indeed sufficient. However, they hurt. Yes – when you want to express yourself, you know precisely what words would express what you want to express, but those are the manifestations of some negative feelings, which anyway hurt you. Putting them in words hurts again!! At some such moments, I just wish I could draw and get that feeling, that expression out of my system without hurting myself again.


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