Cursor positioning problem in Firefox

I am facing this irritating problem in firefox for quite sometime. While typing in a textbox (like the box for typing post or comment on blogger ), the cursor positions keeps going haywire. Usually it will be little left to where it should be and hence hides the letter I am typing!! Has challanged my vision to quite an extent, because when I think I am deleting ‘a’ of “challanged”, I end up deleting ‘g’ instead. A lot has to work on intuition this way. Once, by itself, the problem had disappeared. I do not remember having done anything to make that happen, but recently I installed windows in a new hard disk I installed, and hence had to reinstall everything. The firefox is giving the same problem again. Did as much googling as I could, but was unable to find any pointer.

Any solutions please!! It’s so irritating to type a post when the cursor potition is bad. Sometimes, two or three last letters typed are not visible at all. Sometimes, even when I press backspace, the letters continue to be visible (though actually they have been deleted and if I post the page as such, you would not see the letters 😦 ).

Some help please!!


21 thoughts on “Cursor positioning problem in Firefox

  1. Not a very high tech comp science girl like you…so I end up typing all my blog posts in MS word and then copy paste in browser as I figured out when I type blog on firefos window, the comp become so slow….and I dont want to be slow…

    Hope u appreciate this not so technical suggestion to overcome ur problem..

  2. Hi Jaya,
    Are you using the latest version of Firefox? Because i remember having the same problem with version .9 once i updated to 1.0.4 the problem went away.
    But if you are looking for a really cool browser try IE7.

    – Ashish

  3. I am having this same problem, but it only seems to happen on my blog. I think it has something to do with the css I am using, but I haven’t figured it out yet. Let me know if you have any luck!

  4. Hi Jaya
    Well I have Ubuntu distro amd64bit version…Well Even I have the same problem.. Dont know what to do..Someone please help us cuz its getting very irritating.

  5. Once again – I do not remember what made the problem disappear. But these days I am not having it any more. Are you using the latest version of firefox?

  6. I am havinhe same prblem. I a going to typthis whole pst without fixing he errors soyou can see hat itoes to your tet. I am very acrate typer this are not j tyoes Argg! Iill have o use her browr to find solution guess beause this is rly imossile to type s way. ihtbpaencI a estonatw .ptsutonosucaxd w to emolt g

  7. I amusing the ltest version of frefox and I till have problem. It ust startetoday, yterday t was fine. M company did some curitypatch last nigt so maye that isart ofhe probl. met p bhgni esyise djehtsiasal

  8. Apparently this was being caused by having an applet open. I had the Bank of America livechat window open, and when I closed it, the problem went away. Still annoying, but now you know how to fix it.

  9. Excellent Matt! I am getting the same problem right now, and I have a livechat applet window open, provided by LIVEperson.

    Ts is wat my yping loks likif I t directl into fiefox. The cursor randomly change nsert moe, or jumps on positionto the eft frequtly, ile typg. nihwnel ediotsryepy eothih

    (Translation: This is what my typing looks like if I type directly into firefox. The cursor randomly changes to insert mode, or jumps one position to the left frequently, while typing.)

    Now I have closed the livechat applet, and it seems to be working fine. Good job on the diagnosis.

  10. Hi all,

    I’m having the same no-cursor problem with Firefox 1.5. Neither of my input text boxes gets the blinking cursor even with help javascript (.focus()). Even stranger than that, the blinking cursor does appear soonest I refresh the page !

  11. I have been having this annoying cursor issue since I have begun using Firefox and Thunderbird. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed that this is actually a problem in both. Since I do a lot more typing In Thunderbird, I have noticed it there first. The problem use to be so severe that I begun looking for a replacement client. Unfortunately even with this annoyance it is difficult to find something as good as Thunderbird. Anyhow, something must have happened because the problem is not as bad as it use to be, but it is still there. Now that I use internet based email more often then via a email client, I begun to notice the same issues in firefox on multiple machines with various configurations.

    Solution anyone?

  12. hey i got this problem. i can’t see my cursor in firefox. so i don’t know where am i clicking or going.

  13. I’m having this sampe problem on a mac iwith osx 10.4 fully updated.

    It occurs in both firefox and camino I can’t backkspace and delete text or anything this is an example of what it produces. It appears it selectively delets some things iI backspace and not others. This is totalyly impossible.

  14. I’m getting the same, but only when using Firefox on openSuSE (also only on my notebook). It is especially bad when using Gmail.

    Driving me nuts, the caret would be duplicated if I navigate backwards with the cursor keys. The focus would sometimes also move to whatever line the caret was on when I started to type.

    Very, very annoying …

  15. If you need it to be fixed , for the moment the only solution is what Florian mentioned. Wrap your input element inside a {div} element and set the overflow to ‘auto’. This will fix the problem.

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